Are you a happy pregnant?

Are you a happy pregnant?

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Pregnancy process; It is a very important period in the life of women duyg In this period, emotions and behaviors differentiate due to rapidly changing hormones and women's sensitivity increases. Psychologist Eda Gökduman shares with you the psychological changes experienced during pregnancy.

Pregnancy process; It is a very important period in the life of women duyg In this period, emotions and behaviors differentiate due to rapidly changing hormones and women's sensitivity increases. Every month, concerns about the health of the baby increases and the nervousness associated with these concerns is often observed by people around. In the face of changing emotional changes, the support and understanding of the environment is very important. During this period, the expectant mother should make some efforts for the health of both herself and her baby.

She should enjoy this feeling from the first moment she finds out she's pregnant. She can start talking with her baby and share her beautiful feelings with her husband and her close circle. Each sharing will make this feeling more intense.

From the first week onwards, he / she should protect himself / herself against people and events that may cause stress in his / her life. She should be able to stay away from the people and events that may upset her in the following months, focusing only on her life and her baby. He may share his concerns with his wife if necessary and may get the help of an external expert.

During pregnancy, he should have close contact with his doctor and trust him. He should share his concerns about the baby's health with his doctor first.

Can create a life plan that can be applied during the day. List the daily plan and hang it in a visible area. So; By creating a motivation for pregnancy can manage to remove negative processes more easily from life. The plan can list how it should be fed, the content of the meals, the doctor's recommendations, the hours of reading books and magazines, the sports activities suggested by the doctor, and the pleasant encounters.

Obtain information from reliable sources about motherhood, infant health, development and psychology. This process of acquiring information facilitates the work of the mother after the baby is born. A mother who knows what to do when she doesn't worry, trusts herself and is less tired. (since fathers will support the mother in this process, scientific resources can be read in order by replacing them with the father)

The sporting activities recommended by the doctor should be performed regularly.

Every good moment that the expectant mother devotes to her during pregnancy is very important for her psychology and for a healthy pregnancy. A happy mother will make a great contribution to the healthy development of her baby month by month and will prepare the necessary ground to prevent her marriage from being harmed in this process. A difficult pregnancy can also be risky for marriages. Any kind of morale and support that the spouses will give to each other is important. Particular attention should be paid to pleasant conversations and activities to be held together.

It should not be forgotten that the mother and father candidates will have conversations with the baby at certain times of the day. These conversations will affect the psychology of the mother as well as the baby.

The prospective mother; should take care to notice the changing emotions, should feel more tension in the period of time should devote to itself.

He can arrange conversations with other expectant mothers, including successful and positive motherhood stories. He should be careful not to listen to negative examples and stay away from the news and television programs he encounters on this subject. This may raise or raise the concerns of the expectant mother.

If he has a meticulous personality structure, that is, he attaches great importance to the cleanliness and cleanliness of his house, he should remember that he should take a break during his pregnancy. First of all, he / she should know that he / she should devote time to himself and he / she should be careful to spend a day that does not tire him / her.

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