What awaits Cancer this year?

What awaits Cancer this year?

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Crabs are the worst days left. You will be rewarded for all the difficulties you have endured. Don't let your boss hear you, but business isn't a priority for you this year!

2003 to 2005 has been very difficult for you. These years in which you took on great responsibilities and undertook heavy works matured you. The worst days are over. You have learned the lessons to be learned. Since July 2005, things have become easier. This year it will be like a reward after all the troubles you endure. A cosmic party awaits you. E, if the cosmos also organized a party, 'bird milk' would not be missing. Enjoy yourself!

Over the past two years, many of you have married and many have moved. Now you can sit back and enjoy. The only area you will be challenged this year will be the finance area. Health seems to be in place. Now let's look at the year ahead in detail:

Home and family
The most important changes about the house last year was over. No more order. Moreover, although it is always the most important issue for home and family crabs, this year priority is not in this area. There's no reason not to arrange your house the way you want. However, there is not much to regulate, because everything is as you wish. This year the main issue seems to be children. Both in terms of making and growing. Crabs belong to one of the most fertile signs of birth. This year too many pregnancies and births. For those who are old, it is very possible to have grandchildren. Everything seems fine and happy. The only problem with all this happiness can be about money, which we will touch on soon.

Love and social life
The planet of love has left your sign. This year, love will not be a priority for you. Those who have married in the past two years, who have started a 'serious' relationship, even those who have no relationship, are at peace. In a sense, everyone has found what they are looking for. So, as much as you can, enjoy your relationship. However, unrelated crabs can find love this year while busy in the financial field, which is their priority. For example, a regular visit to the bank or stock exchange company can do much more than deal with money issues. In short, if you've managed to be single in the past two years, there's still the possibility that you'll be tied up this year, but you'll have to wait until November 24th. Married spouses can control the economic situation this year. Although this control may seem surprising at first, it is certain that both partners will benefit from it.
The happiest and most socially active dates this year are: 1-19 January, 20 March-19 April, 23 July-22 August, 22 November-31 December.

Finance and career
The situation has been tense since Saturn moved into your finance house in mid-July. Until the middle of 2007, the situation will take place more or less. Don't panic now, because this will lead to financial restructuring, bringing systems and order into this field. Even if those who are irresponsible have difficulties, you will eventually have experiences that will work for you throughout your life. This is the year to control spending and investments. There is no problem with earnings. The important thing is to manage earnings, avoid unnecessary expenses.
We said you deserved fun this year. You will also have plenty of fun. You can enter well-calculated risks and gain. Of course, we're not talking about casino type 'risk'. Don't let your boss hear you, but your business life won't be a priority for you this year. Because you're gonna have more fun than working. However, the period starting from November 24th to mid-2007 will provide unique opportunities for jobseekers. The Crabs, which are the bosses, will increase the number of staff during this period. You seem to be generally satisfied with your position at work. isfrom.

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