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You've had a hard time for a few years. In fact, since June 2005, your life began to get easier. Even though you will encounter a few shocking events, this year will be very happy for you in general. For two years you have seen 'order' and 'limits' as a problem for yourself, but now you can begin to see the benefits. The order in your life will make you shine. You have learned not to waste your time with empty things, and finally it's time to collect the rewards of the great order of the universe. Now, let's look at the developments that await you next year in detail:

Home and family
Many of you have tried to move in the past years, but you've come across obstacles. Now these obstacles have disappeared. This does not necessarily mean that you have to move; but if you want to move it is much easier to achieve.
It will be a serious matter for you to learn how to deal with children next year. Guys, it's gonna force you to be your number one priority. If you don't give them the attention they need in time, you may have more serious problems with children. The best times to make arrangements at home are from 14 April to 3 June and from 21 June to 22 July.

Love and social life
In this area, the cosmos will not force you in a certain direction. There is little change in the status quo during these years. It means that married people tend to stay married, singles tend to stay single. Let us also state that a very sexually active year awaits you.

Nevertheless, this year, you will experience a lot of ups and downs in love, love will be more important for you in some periods and quite insignificant in some periods. It is seen that your relationship going on around October 20 will go through some kind of test, but that does not necessarily mean that your relationship will be broken.
Single Coaches will be more selective this year and focus on quality rather than quantity. So it's very important to make the right choices. Wrong choices will cost heavily, but this year, when your sexual activity is high, it will not be easy to make wise choices.

Friendship seems more important to you than love. Just like last year, this year you will have very exciting friendships. You'll be attracted to a creative and glamorous crowd of painters, musicians, spiritual personalities. Your most socially active period is from 8 September to 23 October.

Finance and career
There will be no major events in this area of ​​your life. Of course, you will have a job, career and earnings, but these will not be your top priority. In all these areas, you will experience the status quo, which is not bad at all. You're more or less satisfied with your location, so you don't need big changes. Nevertheless, you will see a change in your business life between March 14 and September 22. You can change jobs or move to another job in the same company. There may be changes in your working conditions and your colleagues and managers may change. For the Coaches who are in the position of employers, it is highly probable that their employees will rebel and there will be changes in the labor force. Although you may be satisfied with the status quo, the 'Great Power' wants you to be better and confuses things. These events can be disturbing when they occur, but the result will be good. New coaches can expect an attractive career in areas such as the entertainment industry. Earlier this year, you can expect a promotion or salary increase between January 1 and March 5. But this won't be completely smooth; you will have to deal with delays and problems. isfrom.

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