Pilates for pregnant women

Pilates for pregnant women

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Pilates is an ideal exercise system for women and men and people of all ages. It is an excellent exercise system that prepares and strengthens the woman from birth to the last months of pregnancy, especially during pregnancy, and allows her to return to her old form quickly after birth. Trainer Jale Dural from Pregnant Women Club Boyunca During pregnancy, pilates exercises for each period can be done with a number of changes, ”he explains about those interested in pilates.

Pilates Principles


Concentration is essential in Pilates exercises. Every part of the body must move in harmony and maintaining proper postures. Using imagery in doing this is important to feel concentration and movement. At the same time to be in the movement, to feel, to visualize the brain, away from daily life also provides a rehabilitative and relaxing effect.


Breathing is vital in Pilates exercises. Breathing and breathing positions should be carefully monitored from movement to movement. Breathing should be flowing through the nose, deep and the mouth should be given by mouth and sigh.


Increasing the strength of the body, the abdominal, waist, hip regions supported by each other and increased strength of the back, spine, waist, coccyx and pelvic region makes it very resistant. Increased controllable body will be ready for birth and easier to recover after birth. Changing the balance of the body during pregnancy, neck, shoulders, back, waist, coccyx will cause many tension. Strengthening these regions will reduce tensions and prevent disturbances caused by tensions. Abdominal muscles to stay close to the spine with pilates exercises after the flattening of the abdomen, easier to tighten, as well as the waist area will be more resistant to injuries.

4-Motion Flow

There are no sharp transitions and stiffness in movements in Pilates exercises. Movements are carried out in a continuous and controlled manner and in a continuous manner.


In Pilates exercises, all the principles balance each other and are of great importance. But relaxation is even more important, especially during pregnancy elik Pregnancy can be very depressing spiritually, sensitivity is high. With relaxation, visualization and attention to the movement and the body part that governs the movement, the harmony with the flow of breathing is provided by the rehabilitation, meditatively makes the mother more relaxed and calm.

Pilates cannot be done without an instructor

Is Pilates an exercise that people can do on their own? Jale Dural responds to this question as follows: var There is something frequently written in the press, herkes Anyone can do pilates, correcting problems with the spine. Ada I would like to specifically warn you that in the Pilates exercises, you can see the movements as far as you can see. trying to do is a big risk. Waist and spine, pelvis, wrists, knees and the whole body have become quite suitable for injuries due to hormone changes. Improper practices, back and tail coccy, back, neck may be injured. Particularly careful and controlled movement is required to prevent irreversible injuries in the lumbar region. ”
Pilates provides many benefits to pregnant women when applied correctly. Jale Dural lists the benefits as follows:

• Problems such as indigestion and gas caused by digestive problems are also eliminated by using the right exercise and materials.
• Legs, ankles, hands and arms edema in the same way in the fluency of movements with pilates, as in med-cezir'de pulls back and relaxes the pregnant ... Swelling, tensions and pain will begin to relax the skin, the skewers will descend.
• Pregnancy, increased pressure in the internal abdomen as a result of problems in the coccyx, even if unaware of many of us sitting in the coccyx, the way we do not care about the decline and sensitive for similar reasons and may cause long-term sitting. This situation may miss our taste especially during pregnancy from 20 weeks to the end and after birth. This condition, which is very common, can be controlled or controlled by pilates exercises.
• Low back pain and pain as it is expressed in the waist region that restricts movement, even stops pain is reduced to a minimum with pilates exercises. When a woman doesn't have a similar difficulty when she doesn't do Pilates, she can survive this difficult situation by moving her areas and adjusting her breath, which she knows she can control if she does pilates.
• Relaxation exercises can be the result of increasing emotional fluctuations in every period of pregnancy, and with simple exercises and breaths that can be performed at bedtime or waking up at night, a comfortable sleep and a start to a fit day can be started.
• Pregnancy pilates are used in balls that allow us to dampen tensions and increase the balance. In addition, cushion exercises, pillows, rolled towels, sticks, light dumble with the use of all parts of our body is also working.
• Pelvic zone exercises, with their diversity and effectiveness, ensure that the mothers are comfortable during pregnancy, they can help birth by controlling the muscles at birth, they can recover after the birth and also recover the uterus quickly, and there are undesirable conditions such as urinary incontinence after pregnancy and postpartum pressure. prevention and the normalization of sexual life after childbirth.

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