Fathers by Horoscope and Their Characteristics

Fathers by Horoscope and Their Characteristics

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Aries father March 21-April 20
Coaches are warm and entertaining fathers, even though they can intervene in the life of their children at a later age thanks to the habit of dominating. She likes to go offwith her kids like friends and have fun. A kind, proud, warm father coach you might want for your baby.

Taurus father 21 April-21 May
Taurus men will probably want to have a son. But she also loves protecting her daughters with special affection. They are loving, warm, sympathetic and patient fathers. They will want to prepare a comfortable future for their children. He will not only sacrifice his substance but also devote his time, love and attention to his children, yet he will not compromise his strict discipline. Be especially careful when the anger of the bull flares until the fury stops.

Gemini father 22 May-21 June
He's not a disciplinary father, but he's good with kids. He is a father who knows how to be friends and confidants without pressure. Since she doesn't like her own routine, her relationship with her children is fun and cheerful. One day he can appreciate a situation he criticizes another day. Perhaps these contrasts will confuse the children, but the father who doesn't like punishment and loves fun and adventure will like the kids. Sometimes he won't remember his promises because of his variable character. This will cause him not to keep his promises. If children do not interfere with their activities, they will be more pleased if they do not get around.

Cancer father 22 June-23 July
Because of their patient nature, they become the perfect father. It will be closely related to all the problems of their children. Unlike other horoscopes, crabs are saddened when they see that their loved ones stand up against them. Because he happily does the job of being the mainstay, the end of this task makes him lonely, as he lost his beloved ones, he becomes vicious, he becomes otherwise crab. It is difficult for him to realize that his children are growing up, but it is not impossible. The perfect father will be very sensitive to his children and share their childhood with them.

Leo father 24 July-23 August
Lions do not like extended families, either they have no children or they have only one child. Warm, tolerant perfect fathers. He can give long conferences on manners and persist in bringing the child to the road. But in the end he gets the respect he wants. Maybe children can hate their father's self-esteem, his being always right. And this may cause tension, but as long as the lion's pride is not broken, everything will be handled easily.

Virgo father 24 August-23 September
Ears don't become mad divan to be a father. They want to have a small family. When they have children, they become very fond of their children. He does not neglect his responsibilities. As a clever and cultured father, he is interested in the lessons of his children throughout his education. They desire to raise regular and disciplined children. Probably children will have a library at a younger age. They don't spoil their kids. Being prone to criticism can sometimes have negative effects on children. Moreover, it is not very successful in showing the love of spike. He must make a special effort for this.

Libra father 24 September-22 October
He is a calm and just father. Your children will also be attracted by their father, hating their arguments. A Libra man doesn't look forward to having a child. But after having children, he will be a father who is fond of his children. But this love will never replace his love for his wife. Scales come first for spouse and then for children.

Scorpio father 23 October-22 November
A tough father doesn't forgive laziness. Children have to appreciate what they have. Although he is not welcome by his children, he behaves this way because he thinks of his children. Their children will learn to stand on their own feet. He may be kind, kind and funny, but he won't give up his orders. If they have emotional children, this may be offensive for them and may cause children to become introverted and have psychological problems. She should be told about the situation of the children and asked to be softer in their movements.

Sagittarius father 23 November-22 December
They feel closer to boys. Children communicate more easily when they are older. He will become more of a friend, share his free life outside, and will not leave him alone even when they want to be alone. They will wonder and examine the secrets of children. Instead of getting angry when kids make their fling, it'il keep them entertained.

Capricorn father 23 December-20 January
He's a father. Respect and obedience will be waited, and in return will be altruistic and honest. They will pamper their children and know how to punish them when necessary. Even when children become grandparents, they look very young and feel good contact with their grandchildren. They want their children to be as reliable as they are.

Aquarius father 21 January-19 February
He's a good listener. No matter how childish and imaginary their children's problems are, they will take care of them. Children probably won't be in trouble with math classes because they have a father who can solve problems.

Pisces father 20 February-20 March
A dreamy and fairy-tale father will like the children. And this dad loves to play. Calm and know how to share the structure will make him a good friend for children first of all.

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