The magic effect of children and tales on them!

The magic effect of children and tales on them!

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Fairy tales are an indispensable part of our childhood, which makes us think while entertaining and affecting our future lives. Head of Department of Psychiatry, International Hospital Dr. Aysel Ekşi, It tells the story of a child's tales that have a special place in the life of a child from past to present.

Which child doesn't like to listen to fairy tales or read fairy tales? There is always a fairy tale that every child loves. They do not get tired of listening to these tales and listening to them many times. So when should children receive fairy tale books? Professor Dr. Aysel Ekşi answers the question as follows: adan The child can be given children's books with which he can translate his bold pages from the age of 6 months before he starts to speak. The mother explains the pictures and makes the child meet the book. As the child grows up, the mother reads short tales with pictures and short sentences. In these tales, there is actually no time frame or place. Animals, mirrors, giants or dwarves speak, which is untrue, does not bother him. But when he grows a little older, he is interested in stories that are the subject and the end, and he begins to reconcile them with his daily life or with the people and animals he knows: Jinn, giants, bad guys scare, happy ending relieves. In other words, thinking and logic develop while emotional reactions occur, 'animals can not talk that "there is no giant" logic and facts begin to come into play. ama But the cicada, who spent time singing and singing in the summer, went hungry in the winter.

In these respects, the age of the child, the content of the book and the language used should be taken into consideration carefully when choosing books and fairy tales. Since abstract concepts do not fully develop until the age of six, it is useful to select books that enhance the child's imagination, where positive values ​​are processed and where positive examples are adopted.

Do tales affect your imagination?

How useful are tales for children? There are opposing views on this issue. Professor Dr. “In particular, philosophers argue that fairy tales are not suitable for children, that fairy tales present complex examples for children, and that children's books with magic content impede the development of a sense of reality. In religious fairy tales, especially concepts such as sin and hell can lead to great fears and confusion. For example, if a mother frightens her child with religious concepts and says, 'The child's hands steal something, the stone is cut, çocuk the child may experience great fear and anxiety by descending to stone cutting. A new trend has started in the so-called developed countries. It is recommended that almost all of the fairy tales and story books read to children in the past years should be revised and applied to the present time. On the other hand, fairy tales and stories are useful in supporting the child's vocabulary, imagination, ability to think, creativity and even the cause-effect relationship. ”

Fairy tale time

Babies who are read fairy tales since infancy gain the habit of reading more easily. However, the voice tone, warmth, affectionate and close attitude of the person reading the tale is an important factor. The child is forced to swallow the drug as 'sit down I will tell you a fairy tale' in the form of an attitude can create a reaction in the child.
But should the tales be read only before going to bed? Professor Dr. He answers the question: abilir The conditions of the child and the person to be read can be read at any time. If adults have chosen books with the child before, the child may become more willing to read them. It is especially important to read before bedtime. ”

Digital Fairy Tale Book for Children

E- and many firsts Patin Educational Materials supplies in Turkey in voice training, voice Tales book is a first in Turkey STORYTELLER'offers to children's appreciation. After the age of 1 under the supervision of parents, after the age of 3 children can listen to themselves by watching the heroes from the colorful pictures, fairy tales will be able to enjoy the true taste of fairy tales. Children will find themselves in the fairy tales while listening to tales enriched with effects that are told in a fair and fluent language.

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