How should we protect our children from neglect and abuse?

How should we protect our children from neglect and abuse?

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So what are we gonna do? When we read the news of horrible crimes against children, do we still leave them alone and let them trust others? Here all parents are curious about the answers to these questions. Clinical Psychologist Pınar Mermer he answers the question iyor what to do adan: Respect and trust!

The first condition of respect and trust is to respect the limits of our children. Pınar Mermer explains this point with examples: mesela When our children close their mouths tightly, they should not push the spoon into their mouths. Or when he doesn't kiss our relatives. When you tell him how sad and angry you are, you shouldn't say, in You shouldn't feel like that.. If you ask what this has to do with protecting our children. Our children do not want to do things yapmak Shame. I must do. My parents are angry, iyor they feel compelled to say yes. And sometimes “Do what adults say” The idea is that children can do whatever an adult says. Don't think about it only for sexual abuse. Let us encourage children to listen to and trust in their own voices. Let's respect the preferences of our children. Let's ask their ideas. ”

But is it enough to act this way alone? Pınar Mermer answers this question:

“Of course, this is not a stand-alone solution. He should also teach our children which behaviors are acceptable and which are not. And they should know that no matter what happens to them, they can tell us no matter what. If we do not pass on the questions they ask us, “Shame, it is forbidden! Ler, they will be able to tell us easily when someone disturbs him the next day. Really listening to our child, being honest with him at all times, trusting him and making him trust us will create an invisible firewall around him. "

What to teach the child
Even though families pay attention to all these points, the increasing incidents bring about fear. Families need some advice to protect their children from abuse. Professor of Forensic Medicine Dr. Contact Sevil directlyHe reminds us that the duty to protect children against abuse and abuse is the duty of the family and the institutions responsible for it, as well as all official institutions and, more importantly, all members of society:

* Strictly should not receive food and gifts from foreigners.
* Even if it's fun, you shouldn't go after a stranger.
* Stranger should never ride a car.
* Im I lost my dog, can you help me? ”Mis Do you want to see the cats in my car? Amalı amalı Do you want to drive my car? Kesinlikle
* If someone tries to get him into his car, he should shout and run.
* A stranger who touches the parts of the swimsuit should say “No ve and get away from it.
* He who annoys himself or asking personal questions must tell someone from the family.
* When leaving home, garden, park, friend's house, you must inform the family.
* Atasoy noted that all children should be provided with memorization of name, address, phone number including area code.
* Teach your neighborhood which neighborhood to go in case of danger.
* If it is large enough to be alone, advise him to lock the door and not tell the person who knocks that he is alone at home.

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