Guide to coping with the problem of jealousy between brothers

Guide to coping with the problem of jealousy between brothers

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Sonrası Postnatal arrangements should be made on time. This reduces both child and parents' concerns. If it is left after the brother, it is difficult to expect him to approach the little baby who has displaced him with love. Because what we call brother jealousy is nothing but the fear of losing the mother's love and interest. When the admirable interest of the parent and the whole immediate community turns to the little baby, the child may think that he is right in his fears and that he is no longer loved enough. While the anxiety of losing love is very difficult and traumatic even for an adult, it is unfair to expect a child to manage it. Most of the negative behaviors after the arrival of the brother are expressions of anger, frustration and anxiety that will no longer be loved. "

What should families do?
According to Çakmakçı; Şey The thing is to say how much you love and understand him, and to give him the opportunity to express his negative emotions, fears and concerns without judging or condemning. You can set an example for him, from time to time how tired, angry and helpless you can share with your child. This encourages and sets an example for him to express his negative feelings. The negative emotions that are expressed lose their destructive effects when they are understood and judged.

Ways to Prevent Sister Jealousy
• If the kindergarten is to be started or if a change in room layout is contemplated, this should be done at least five to six months in advance. Thus, the child does not experience the feeling of being removed from home.
• Mother, father or family members should cooperate to ensure that the time allocated to the child remains as much as possible and that the order before birth is maintained as before.
• It may be ensured that the parents participate in the decisions to be made regarding the sibling in the matters deemed appropriate by the parents.
• If she is willing, she may be asked for help with her brother. His contributions and assistance should be appreciated without exaggeration.
• It can be very useful to tell the story of how sweet the baby is and how much it is loved by going through the same stages looking at the infant albums of the first child.

Çakmakçı, despite all the measures that may be encountered in this process, stating that the time to accept the brother is necessary to give the child, it would be right not to rush, but this process may take too long, changes in appetite, babyish behavior, finger sucking, lower wetting, excessive anger a specialist should be consulted.

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