Enjoy your pregnancy!

Enjoy your pregnancy!

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If you think that the pregnancy process makes the woman ugly, puts stress and distress, you are wrong. It's not hard to prove to you the contrary! How Does? For this, listen to our 15 tips from each other. With these recommendations, you will spend your pregnancy much happier. Saying from us…

1. Treat yourself
As soon as you knew that you were pregnant, you started doing everything for the health of your baby. You forgot to look at yourself, rest. However, you are as important as the baby in your belly. You need not only the attention of your doctor, but also your sincere friends, who can answer any questions and tell your fears. And of course to your partner. So let the people around you take care of you. Let them spoil you. You have 9 months and 10 days to pamper as much as you want. Know your worth!

2. Eat energy-giving foods
Our promise especially to working mothers! It is perfectly normal that you get tired more quickly during your pregnancy. We can link this to the changing hormone balance. Boost your strength by eating fruits such as bananas and apples that provide energy and blood circulation throughout the day.

3. Don't listen to bad birth memories
It takes 9 months for the unborn baby to develop and grow. Soon your baby will be ready to be born. During pregnancy, most mothers enjoy listening to the birth memories of their loved ones and their relatives. There's nothing wrong with that. But close your ears to your friends who tell you how difficult the birth is or how painful the birth is.

4. Do not hinder your desires
Many expectant mothers are losing their self-esteem and are afraid that they will no longer like it. Don't worry about this kind of idle concern. Your wife is in love with you and you will worship her because you will make her a father. Tell your partner when you want to be with him. Let him spoil you. For example, let him give you a wonderful massage of the kind you need. Hold her often. Scientists, the mother and father to be close to each other in terms of sensual sense, says that affect the unborn baby positively.

5. Give importance to your nutrition
The most difficult part of your diet is called al Pregnancy…. what to eat and what to avoid… Do not stress with the effort of healthy eating. Keep calorie calculations and weighing in mind.

6. Move
Try to experience the lightness of existence as much as possible. Go for walks and shopping, read books, take a bath. Don't forget to move around a lot. Because working your body prevents the formation of edema and regulates blood pressure.

7. Reduce the load on your back
As your stomach grows, your posture changes and your back starts to hurt. This problem is more common especially for mothers who work all day at the desk. You can reduce back pain. For this, you should keep your weight gain within the recommended limits and not wear very high heels or low shoes. You should avoid standing or sitting for a long time. Stress plays an important role in increasing back pain.

8. Don't neglect your breasts
Although it takes some time for the abdomen to become clear during pregnancy, breasts start to grow from the first day. This is because your breasts are prepared to breastfeed. To prevent sagging of your breasts in the future, you should use supported bras. You should also make sure that the bra is comfortable and suitable for your chest.

9. For plenty of liquid
Keep your kidneys and metabolism fresh by drinking plenty of fluids. Juice, milk and soda are very convenient for you. But don't consume the same drink all the time. And, of course, remember to consult your doctor about fluid intake.

10. Contact your baby
We recommend that you contact the baby as soon as possible. You can say to him orum I love you ”and“ You will be among us soon ”. Research shows that babies communicated in the womb are much more intelligent and happy. Talking to your baby will calm both of you and reassure him. Moreover, it is no longer difficult to communicate with him!

11. Defeat your birth fear
If you're preparing for birth, talking to your doctor about birth, but you haven't overcome your fear of birth, we suggest you join the crowd. Go to a place where there are plenty of people and get into the crowd. Imagine that all these people were born. If their mothers have done it, why can't you?

12. Have comfortable nights
Unfortunately, we have to tell you that you cannot sleep all night during the last period of your pregnancy. You will often go to the toilet, and your baby's kicks will wake you up at night. Do your best to spend the night. We recommend that you lie on your side, curling up or lying down, putting a pillow between your legs and extending one leg diagonally over the other. So you and your baby will be comfortable. This position allows the nutrients and blood to reach the placenta, while at the same time helping the kidney to function.

13. Feel free to crush
While some women end the pregnancy process without exceeding it, some people get it over some foods, especially during the first three months. Do not resist this desire and eat in limited quantities. Anyway, you won't be able to prevent your stomach from growing.

14. Take good care of your feet
Fluid increase due to swelling of your feet to choose comfortable shoes is useful. Make sure your shoes are made of leather or canvas. Also take a walk in plenty of fresh air. Let your feet rest in warm water in the evening.

15. Shop
Isn't one of the best things about pregnancy being the necessary items for the baby? Room set, booties, coveralls, stroller, pacifier, baby bottle ... There is a lot to buy, right? You're surprised at what you get. If you find it difficult to create a list, go to www. also help you in this matter.

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