What is Genital Herpes? Effects on Pregnancy

What is Genital Herpes? Effects on Pregnancy

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According to the study conducted to determine the prevalence of genital herpes disease in our country; 60 percent of women working in the prostitution sector, 5 percent of pregnant women and men and sexually active women carry genital herpes disease. Most of the participants are unaware that they carry this disease…

The Toplum Genital Herpes Carrier Survey başlat, which was initiated in Istanbul in 2002 as a pilot to measure the prevalence of genital herpes disease, which is not known in our society and transmitted by sexual contact, was concluded.

Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Dermatology. Dr. According to the results of the study which was initiated by Server Serdaroğlu and aimed to determine the prevalence of genital herpes disease in our country; 60 percent of women working in the prostitution sector, 5 percent of pregnant women and men and sexually active women carry genital herpes disease. Research results, including men and women aged 18-47, who have sexually active lives, reveal that most of the participants are unaware that they carry this disease.

The first comprehensive study done in Turkey

Research Mani, in relation to the carriage of genital herpes pointed out that the first comprehensive study conducted in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Serdaroğlu the following about the subject, he said: "There was no data about Turkey we have about this disease. The prevalence in African countries is known about this issue in Turkey so far no research. In addition, in the study we conducted as a team before starting this study, genital herpes was the second most common disease among the patients who applied to a doctor due to a sexually transmitted disease. So it's more common than syphilis. Hastalık

With this research; stating that they aim to inform the public about the sexually transmitted genital herpes disease and to draw attention to the importance of the disease. Dr. Serdaroğlu, because it is an open wound increases the transmission of AIDS to genital herpes, to fight AIDS, genital herpes disease should be struggled, he noted.

Increasing AIDS transmission due to genital herpes-related wounds is a major problem, especially in Western societies. Dr. Serdaroğlu continued as follows. “In addition, the presence of genital herpes with warts called condyloma and located in the genitals is considered the most important cause of cervical cancer. In our study, we found genital herpes virus in 18 percent of patients with genital warts, and the majority of patients were not aware of it. ”

Beware of mommy candidates !!!!

Another major risk of genital herpes is the transmission of the disease from the mother carrying the virus to the newborn child Prof.Dr.Serdaroğlu, the rate of death in children infected with the virus during the birth of 60 percent, he said. Prof.Dr.Serdaroğlu also found that 5 percent of pregnant women participating in the study found that this virus. He pointed out that if the HSV scatter is followed up well in the near term of delivery, the transmission of herpes virus to many newborn babies by cesarean section alone will be prevented.

The prof.dr.serdaroğl; Kaçın Avoiding sexual contact or using condoms during periods of symptoms may prevent many new genital herpes cases. However, the real struggle with herpes genitalis will be possible with the awareness of the society and the treatments to be applied to the existing patients. Specialists, especially dermatologists and gynecologists, have a great duty to do. Bu

Genital herpes disease causing the virus can not be completely eliminated, but with current treatment of disease symptoms can be prevented and prevented transmission of Prof. Dr. pointed out. Dr. Serdaroğlu, the disease is not known too much among doctors, therefore, the research results will share with colleagues on scientific platforms, he said. Professor Dr. Serdaroğlu in this way to inform the public by providing doctors to inform their patients, carriers intended to provide treatment for dermatolags, he said.

In addition, this year by expanding the scope of the research said that they aim to do the same study in 5 more provinces. Dr. Serdaroğlu, so in late 2005 with regard to the rate of disease carriers Turkey will be able to reach a more precise figure of the general noted.

What is Herpes?

• A virus infection caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). There are two types of HSV type I and type II. In particular, type II affects the genital area, anus, hip, and type I usually affects the mouth, face and lips.
• Usually when the body encounters this virus for the first time, it is very painful and serious.
• Pain, blisters and swelling filled with red fluid, these symptoms last for 20 days.
• Symptoms such as fever, weakness, swelling of the lymph nodes are also accompanied by the disease. In addition to symptoms in women, burning and vaginal discharge may occur while urinating.
• According to a study in the United States, genital herpes is a more common disease that affects 20 percent of the adult population and is believed to be more prevalent.
• Many people have no obvious symptoms, and some may have recurrent symptoms.
• 60 percent of people with the disease are unaware that they carry the virus, but can be contagious.
• 70 percent of infected people get the virus from their partners who are unaware that they have the disease.
• Using a condom can prevent herpes virus infection, but cannot guarantee full protection.
• Oral wounds and genital herpes diseases caused by the Herpes Simplex virus can be transmitted by mouth-to-mouth, oral-to-genital, and genital-to-genital contact.
• The virus that causes genital herpes cannot be completely eliminated, but with current treatments the symptoms of the disease can be prevented and infectiousness can be prevented.

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