Yavuz Seçkin and his daughter

Yavuz Seçkin and his daughter

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How are the days with babies?

Tigris Seckin: Very nice but a bit tiring of course! The first days were harder, but we left those days behind. Sleep problems also started to improve. We are happy.

They say the first 40 days are hard, but how did those 40 days go for the father?

Yavuz Seckin: At first, my milk did not come, but then we recovered. (Laughs) Aside from the joke, it coincided with the final shots of our feature film when our baby was born. Set, I can say I've shuttled between home and hospital. I have a 19-year-old son and a 16-year-old daughter, but when I was born in Asia, I noticed how the baby was held. Many things have changed since then; everything from birth techniques to child care techniques has changed! In this sense, we have to update ourselves.

D. S: I can already say that Asia's relationship with her father is very special. When Asia hears her father's voice, pure attention breaks down and calms down in her arms.

Y. S: Of course, because his father has many tones, it is difficult to force his father from time to time. Joke, of course… I don't grind it yet, I don't make intonations to confuse it.

Are you breastfeeding?

D. S: Yes, I am breastfeeding very pleasantly. If there is no problem, I plan to breastfeed for the first 6 months.

Mr. Yavuz tried hard to convince you to get married, right?

D. S: He proposed every day.

Y. S: This is our custom. I offered to marry him every day until he agreed. Because I had such a great love for my husband, I offered to marry him every day. He resisted to some extent, we got the answer we expected with one stone.

D. S: It's not the only marriage proposal.

Y. S: I guess it would be more accurate to call ours a piece of rock and not a single stone. I still pay the installment (Laughing)

How did you decide to have children?

D. S: We enjoyed our marriage for 1,5 years. Then we thought it would be nice if we had a baby, we planned it and the Asian baby came.

Y. S: Actually, as a man of entertainment, I was thinking that we should go around for a bit more, get dirty, have fun, but then I realized that life always comes back to the same place. A different excitement, meaning and innovation was needed. So having a child is a common landmine.
How did you notice that you were pregnant?

D. S: There were not many symptoms, but my friend and I decided to do a test. At that time Yavuz had a show outside the city. When the result was positive, I turned to the blood test. When the blood test was positive, I started to plan how to tell Yavuz. I went to Disneyland with Yavuz two months before I learned my pregnancy. We had dreams about our baby there, and we had a few babies. After I learned that I was pregnant, I put zıbınlar all over the house before Yavuz came home. When Yavuz came home he didn't understand at first, but then when I told him I was pregnant, he screamed and held me in his arms.

Y. S: I thought it was airing the babies. But when I realized, the world was mine.

How was your pregnancy?

D. S: I was so comfortable that I forgot I was pregnant. I have no nausea, nor dizziness! I didn't even get over it.

How much weight did you gain?

D. S: I gained 11 kilos. After the birth of 6 kilos gone, 5 kilos more should go.
Y. S: I was the one who ate most in this period. I gained 5 pounds. Worse, my wife lost weight, but the weight in me was permanent. I'm using my belly right now as our baby's airbag.

What do you want about the sex of your baby?

D. S: Yavuz wanted to have a princess from the beginning, and I wanted to have our daughter. We both fell in love.

What kind of father is Yavuz Seçkin?

Y. S: It's not easy for me to interpret myself, but I leave my artist identity outside the house. A completely natural, ordinary citizen at home. I'm the father of my own house. I'm changing my daughter's diaper and cleaning her vomit. I have the task of amusing the baby at home, making various jokes and monkeys. I'm my baby's comedian when I'm home.

D. S: Yavuz is our hero, the super father of our house. Although I have been with Yavuz for seven years, after Asia was born, I saw that he had many other aspects. His eyes were full when I went into labor. Yavuz saw Asia before me, then his eyes were full. The first day he couldn't bear to touch our daughter, to look at it. But from the second day on, he was so beautifully owned that I can't tell. Now Yavuz can not only breastfeed, he does everything else.

Y. S: When I work at home, if I hear a tiny hum of Asia, I'm almost done with it.

Asia, who does it look like?

Y. S: A very flexible baby. I guess she got those genes from her because her mom was a ballerina. His interest in music and his facial expressions are similar to me.

How do you interpret paternity with a humorous eye?

Y. S: Every movement in Asia amuses us. I laugh at my daughter as much as I don't laugh at anyone. The interesting thing is, I've been getting lazy since I was a baby. When a business project arrives, I'm going uphill, whatever Madonna wants in her backyard, she wants them to, so they don't accept. So I can spend more time with Asia.

How did you decide on the name Asia?

Y. S: The Tigris had pages full of names. Every day we eliminated 10 of them and finally we returned on 3 names.

D. S: But we decided on the most romantic name.
How so?

Y. S: While I was researching the name on Google, I read “Yavuz battalion reached Asia continent via Tigris River.. We like that very much. Among the names we thought was the Asian name. So Asia was more meaningful to us.

Are Asian brother and sister interested?

Y. S: They are also very happy. At first they were also surprised, but later their interest increased. We go shopping as a family, we take photos, it's fun.

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