Postnatal mothers

Postnatal mothers

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The attachment process, which is the basic trust relationship between mother and child, takes place in the first 18 months. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to take care of your baby one to one until the age of 18 months is much more useful. However, if your leave period and job opportunities are not suitable for this, you can return to working life starting from the 6th month. Breastfeeding period is expected to be at least 6 months, this time spent with the baby is extremely important. When choosing a person to look after your child, you need to review the characteristics rather than who you are. Whether this person is one of the elders of the family or the caregiver, it is important that you communicate well with that person. Apart from this, continuity is very important. Some mothers "some grandmother, some grandma look," they produce solutions. This can cause serious long-term problems. Because every adult has a different child-rearing style. Without a consistent process, it is possible for the parents to experience authority and border problems in the long run. If you have decided to caregiverLet's say you decided to have your caregiver take care of your child. Then the first question that comes to mind is "What kind of caregiver to choose?" Specialist Pskikolog Çağla Tuğba Dortluoğlu says: "The most important criterion in choosing a caregiver should be children. While a great caregiver is inadequate to meet the needs of a child, someone who is quite young and inexperienced in caring for a child can also be a problem. . Unless he wants to leave you When your baby was little, he didn't realize you were going to work, but as he grew older he began to understand that you were leaving home and crying behind you. What should you do? Remember that your baby is aware of what you are experiencing, what you are saying, even when you are still in your belly. That's why you should never stop talking to your baby. If you have managed to establish a healthy relationship with your child, you can talk to him and tell him everything and go to work. Always be honest with her, don't think "she won't understand baby." You can go to work by saying that you have to go to work, that you will come back to play with her in the evening, eat together and put her to sleep. But be sure to do what you say and be consistent. When it's time to say goodbye to the caregiver Usually, it is appropriate for the caregiver to take care of your child until the age of 2. After the age of two, caregivers, as well as short-term play groups, also benefit the child's development. Then you can stop working with the caregiver by gradually increasing the length of your child's stay at school as your child gets older.

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