Lose weight while breastfeeding

Lose weight while breastfeeding

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We learned the answers from Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Elif Karacanoğlu.

Underlining that nutrition is very important during pregnancy, Nutrition and Diet Specialist Karacanoğlu; 'Feeding during this period is as important for both you and your baby's health as the postnatal process is as important. You actually have two goals when you start breastfeeding your baby; first and foremost, feeding your baby in the best way; The second is to get rid of your weight gain as soon as possible during pregnancy… In fact, you can do this. While you regularly consume foods that will improve the quality of your milk, you can also lose weight faster and more because you are breastfeeding. Because the energy your body consumes during breastfeeding is more than the normal period. Every day you breastfeed, you spend an extra 500 calories. In addition, if you feed regularly, you will protect your health. ' found in the description.

If you want to increase your milk…

  • Don't try to lose weight. You should get at least 1800 calories per day.
  • Consume 3-4 liters of liquid daily. This increases the quantity and quality of your milk.
  • Prefer milk, water, linden, herbal teas, fruit juice, low sugar compotes. In particular, consume grapes, plums, apricot compotes which are both good for constipation and important for liquid food consumption.
  • Meet your growing protein and iron needs with boiled eggs, cheese and yoghurt in the form of an apricot every day.

Stay away from these foods!

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