Finger sucking habit and pacifier in children

Finger sucking habit and pacifier in children

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Question: Why do babies and children suck a pacifier or finger?
Reply: Such sucking habits are completely normal for babies and toddlers. sucking things makes them safe and in touch with the outside world. In fact, babies start sucking fingers in the womb.

Question: Does this habit have a negative impact on the child's jaw and tooth development?
Reply: Usually, children give up the pacifier and finger sucking habits by themselves until 2-4 years old. If the absorption habit is eliminated at these ages, it will not harm the jaw and tooth structure. However, some children maintain their habits even at a later age. If this habit persists for a long period of time, the permanent incisors will be curved outward and the upper jaw palate may have stenosis. As a result of this, it is inevitable that the teeth are perplexed.

Question: When should I worry about this habit in my child?
Reply: Since your pedodontist will closely examine your child's teeth and jaw development, he will be able to guide you. Depending on the frequency and severity of sucking, there is usually nothing to worry about in terms of teeth and jaw development of the child up to the age of 6 years. But during these periods, your child must be under the control of a pedodontist.

Question: What should I do to stop this habit?
Reply: Children usually leave this habit to themselves. But some children need professional help to give up this habit. When your child is old enough to understand the consequences of this habit; The pedodontist and family help by talking to him, motivating him to quit this habit. With small rewards and constant motivation, this habit can be abandoned. However, if your child cannot give up sucking habits, your pedodontist may recommend that your child be given oral snacks.

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