Postpartum follow-up to mothers

Postpartum follow-up to mothers

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The Sonrası Postnatal Nutrition and Exercise Program amaç, which aims to ensure that the mothers who have given birth in a healthy way, regain their former forms, is being implemented in Acıbadem Bağdat Street Polyclinic. Exercise Instructor Özgül Tuncer and Nutrition Specialist Şengün Sangu tells the program.

: Can you tell us about your postpartum exercise program?
Ozgul Tuncer: The 'Postnatal Nutrition and Exercise Program' allows new mothers to return to their former forms. The program, which started at Acıbadem Bağdat Street Polyclinic, also includes all the practical information a mother needs after birth.

: What does the program cover?
Ozgul Tuncer: Özgül Tuncer: The program, which includes many practical information that a mother may need after birth, from a special nutrition plan to carrying the baby towards the lap, is accompanied by a nutritionist and diet expert and an exercise instructor. While postpartum mothers are recommended the right nutrition program in order to increase the diet and milk quality, the exercise and diet program is applied in parallel in the later period (2 or 3 months after birth).

: What kind of exercises do mothers need after birth?
Ozgul Tuncer: Postpartum mothers especially need strengthening of the inner abdomen, inner uterus, waist, back, arms, shoulders, neck and legs. Excessive load on the weak parts of the body causes pain in these areas. Mothers suffer from neck, shoulder, back and low back pain because they carry their children incorrectly in their arms after birth. The program called by Wellness by Özgül ”gives yoga, stretching condition and breathing exercises strengthening the body, flexibility, correct posture to gravity and strengthening the muscles. Thus, the pain caused by incorrect posture and weak muscles in the body is minimized.

: What is the goal of multifaceted exercise after childbirth?
Ozgul Tuncer: The main goal of the exercise program is to make the body carrying the burden of a busy and stressful life more durable, tight and flexible. Thera-band used in physiotherapy and special tires called this study; It consists of fitness movements that increase muscle strength and endurance, protect the body against injuries, yoga exercises that help muscles relax and strecthing. In this program, physical awareness, correct posture, right breathing, body muscles resistance to gravity with local studies to increase, that is aimed to strengthen. The work, while relieving the existing pain in the mother, allows the mother to gain a tightened body image. Exercise program begins with breathing exercises. Then, mothers prepare to work with basic yoga exercises. Work continues with the condition movements made with or without tires. The purpose of these tires is to strengthen the muscles. While the person is forced in the movements made with the tire, the person perceives the same movement much more lightly after the tire is released and makes it easily. In this way, the mother's arms, neck, back and legs are strengthened, when holding the child in her arms, it is made to feel much lighter. The program ends with yoga, streching and breathing exercises. Breathing exercises strengthen the diaphragm and lungs, and streching allows all internal organs to streching. The rib cage and spine open, muscles and neck muscles relax. The work is terminated by lying in the womb position or lying on the back.

: What does the program offer to mothers in terms of nutrition to postnatal mothers?
Sengün Sangu: A good and correct nutrition after birth helps to protect the mother's body, provide weight control and produce more and more quality milk for the baby. Breastfeeding mothers need a varied nutrition program. A healthy, adequate and balanced diet is needed, where the mother's weight remains constant and the vitamins and minerals are abundant. Because the milk that the mother secretes is a product of the nutrients she receives. The nutrients necessary for milk secretion should be taken in addition to the mother's own requirement. During breastfeeding, mothers should not take a low-calorie weight loss diet and should not rush to return to their old body weights.

: How is it appropriate to lose weight after childbirth?
Sengün Sangu: It is considered normal to lose 2 pounds each month if more than the recommended weight has been gained during pregnancy, but more than 2 pounds a month is not correct. Therefore, diet and drug applications that promise fast weight loss should be avoided. The weight loss diet of the puerperal is not recommended. But be careful not to eat excessively sweet and floury foods such as Turkish delight, sherbet, oily and sugary calories. Because sugary foods don't make milk, but they lose weight. The program also includes a special nutrition and diet program for non-breastfeeding mothers. However, it takes some more time for non-breastfeeding mothers to gain weight control and to lose weight during pregnancy.

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