Reflux in children

Reflux in children

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Yeditepe University Hospital Pediatric Gastroenterology Specialist Asst. Assoc. Dr. Mahir Gülcan, Çocuklar It turns out that children who have been treated with different illnesses and treated differently have reflux, ”he says.

Reflux caused by the involuntary escape of stomach contents is not a disease seen in adults as it is thought. Two types of reflux may develop in children, congenital and later.

Does reflux occur in the newborn?

Non-congenital reflux in children usually occurs at age 6-7. The mechanism in children of this age is related to nutrition and lifestyle as in adults. If we are diagnosed with reflux in older children, we recommend that you change your lifestyle in addition to medication, as well as restrictions on eating and drinking.

What are the symptoms?
Reflux can manifest itself with many different symptoms, or it can be confused with different diseases because it affects other organs. If patients with recurrent middle ear inflammation, recurrent sinusitis, recurrent upper respiratory tract inflammation, persistent hoarseness, asthmatic disorders, recurrent wheezing and persistent cough do not improve with antibiotic therapy or allergy therapy, reflux should be considered in such cases. Digestive system problems, but not very skipped respiratory symptoms of reflux is skipped. General pediatrics and allergy physicians refer the patient to us in these cases. With an average of 3-6 months of reflux treatment, all of these patients are relieved. The physician's orientation is also very important here.

Can you give us information about diagnosis and treatment?

To understand reflux, we use a method called 24-hour pH monitoring. A sensing sensor at the tip and a device that records at the other end of the device (pHmeter) can be monitored for 24 hours and the leakage of the stomach is recorded. We then analyze these records by computer and make a definite diagnosis of reflux if there is acid leakage and apply drug treatment accordingly. After making the diagnosis, we do drug treatment for at least 3 months. If the patient does not respond to the drug, then we send it to pediatric surgery for reflux surgery. The lower valve, which is not operative, is repaired. Currently, even 1 percent of these diagnostic and treatment methods and reflux cases do not require surgery.

What are your recommendations for children with reflux?
- They should not drink acid drinks
- Food and beverages with additives (chips, colored candies, added yogurts)
avoid them
- They should not eat before bedtime.
- Very fatty foods, should not eat excessive amounts of chocolate

What are the diseases caused by reflux?
- Damage to the esophagus, minor injuries
- Esophageal stenosis and adhesions
- Laryngitis
- Frequent recurrent upper respiratory tract infections
- Recurrent otitis (inflammation of the middle ear) and sinusitis
- Recurrent pneumonia and asthma attacks
- Anemia

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