Birth memories lead to cesarean section

Birth memories lead to cesarean section

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In our country, almost one out of every two births occurs by cesarean section. Pregnant women prefer the cesarean section is one of the reasons, the birth stories heard from the environment. The memories of birth described about normal birth increase the fear of birth and the fear of birth increases the demand for cesarean section.

birth by caesarean section rate is 15-25 percent in developed countries comes to 50 percent in Turkey. Fears play more than medical necessities for mothers who prefer cesarean delivery. The fact that labor is an action that spans 8-15 hours and the fear of pain pushes women to cesarean section. However, gynecologists say that this situation should change in favor of normal birth. Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital, Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Assoc. Dr. Tolga Ergin, "the normal delivery of love, dissemination and prevention of complications, births should be performed thanks to the birth experts," he says.
How can mothers be directed to normal birth?

The delivery of normal delivery, dissemination and prevention of complications will be due to the obstetricians who perform the birth as it should be. weeks. The biggest problem here is the fear of the expectant mother. The memories of birth told by mothers who had previously given birth cause the expectant mother to be scared and inclined to cesarean section. Labor is a long process and birth pain is indeed a severe pain. However, caesarean section is not correct because of this pain. Because it is possible to have normal birth without pain. With epidural anesthesia, mothers can give birth without pain. Epidural anesthesia is a special form of regional anesthesia used to relieve the feeling of pain during labor or caesarean section. The difference from general anesthesia, the mother is awake during the procedure and fully perceives what is happening around
What is the role of epidural anesthesia in normal labor?
Normal delivery; the pain begins, the uterus reaches the required opening, and the baby and placenta are born into three stages. Epidural anesthesia is the gold standard for pain relief. Epidural anesthesia is performed with a painkiller given to the catheter inserted at a certain distance from the spinal cord. Another option for painless delivery is delivery in water. I would like to state that every Obstetrician receives training on normal birth, and therefore supports this method. You decide the method of delivery together with the expectant mother, but you cannot force her.

What are the risks of cesarean section?

When the birth process starts, the mother and the baby are closely monitored. As a standard, the baby's heart rhythm is monitored with the recipients attached to the mother's belly. The baby can also follow directly. After the mother's cervix has passed a certain stage, she can see oxygen uptake and blood flow through electrodes attached to the baby's head. When there is a problem, she can do cesarean section instantly. If a caesarean section is decided during pregnancy, the baby should not be taken before the 39th week, otherwise the baby may have lung problems. Cesarean section “Pubic bone 2-3 cm. It is possible to define a horizontal incision through üzerinden. After the abdominal folds, the uterus is cut and the baby is delivered in this way. Although developing surgical techniques and anesthesia affect the healing process, the risk of caesarean section infection, bleeding and clotting problems is higher.
What are the advantages of normal birth?

Normal It's normal birth on its name. ”Ultimately, this is the method of birth that all mammals have ever had. The mother heals very quickly and can take care of the baby's care the next day. She can feed her baby right away. The mother, who has been through the entire birth process, is emotionally elevated, has increased self-esteem, which gives her a psychological advantage.
What are the situations that require direct cesarean section?

• Placenta leading or early separation from the baby.
• The baby turns upside down.
• The mother has heart problems that prevent her from straining.
• Front of baby strap.
• Very small or very large baby.
• Removal of uterine fibroids, etc. such as having previously performed a surgical intervention.
• Active herpes.
What are the conditions that require caesarean section during normal delivery?

• Impaired baby's oxygen intake and heart rhythm.
• Head, pelvis mismatch of the baby's head and the mother's bone structure mismatch.
• The cervix does not reach an adequate opening.
• Meconium, the baby's first poop in the womb.

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