Jenin's journal (5 months)

Jenin's journal (5 months)

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I am 17 weeks old; my mother looks at something called a mirror where she can see herself, says her belly is enlarged, groin aches and sweats. Of course, I gain weight faster than my previous age, my mother is gaining weight. I'm storing fat under my skin, pumping 30 liters of blood a day with my heart, and I'm so tired, sometimes I'm scared, the other day someone stole my water with a long, thin pipe, and then I learned that the doctor would test my water and see if I was healthy.

I am 18 weeks old; Mommy can't sleep at night, I don't want to hurt her but I'm bored here and she won't talk to me. Heeeeyyyy, why don't you talk to me? But I love you. My mother's blood pressure fell off, she had to make sudden movements and not stand up. 210 g. I look more like my mother. And my bowels do something called meconium, which is superfluous.

I am 19 weeks old; my mommy and daddy looked at a device at the doctor and watched my movements. But my mother's back hurts because I grew up, and I'm very sorry. He shouldn't be wearing high heels, my dad says so, why is he? So we went to the doctor again. My mother's hips and breasts are growing because of cracks, itchy because of the crack, the doctor said we had to take plenty of liquid, we should use a crack cream. If our skin doesn't dry, there's no crack. I don't have cracks, but I'm covered in all these feathers, and it's not enough that my little crackers like my mother put on some little painters everywhere. It's called vernix. This is to protect me from water, cocky little painter said, if I stay in this water a little more wrinkled.

When I entered the age of 20 weeks I was surprised by the hair on my head, I could not get used to them. I'm getting a little rumbling these days, you know? I can move because my bones are so strong, and when I hear my mother's voice I shout so she can hear me, but she doesn't, so I kick her so she talks to me. I'm 25 cm tall. 340 grams of weight. I said it was. My mother talks to herself in front of the mirror “how quickly time passes, my belly has grown considerably” she probably noticed that I was flush with her belly button, one cm at every age. I'm going to go up, the line through her belly is getting darker, but after the birth, it's going to disappear completely. We are very healthy; Mommy doesn't take unnecessary calories, she eats well.

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