Visual learning is very important in children!

Visual learning is very important in children!

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You know that learning can take place in different ways, for example we can learn by hearing anything, we can learn by seeing, we can learn by experiment, or we can learn by applying the commands given to us from outside. We often use these different learning strategies, consciously or unconsciously, in our daily lives. However, experts who are interested in the subject are trying to determine the most effective method in learning by doing different researches in this field. But personal differences, of course, lead to changes in the effectiveness of these methods. One activity that seems very effective in one's learning may not be as effective for another.

In today's studies, it has been investigated how different stimuli that come to the individual during learning are effective in learning anything and the following results have been found:

55 55% of learning activity takes place through visual cues, 37% through auditory cues, and 8% through verbal cues. ”

As we can understand from this result, the most effective clue in learning comes from visual stimuli, so pay attention to the abundance of visual stimuli when communicating with your child and increase the level of learning by supporting it with these stimuli.

This method, which is very effective especially for young children, can be used as an ideal teaching tactic for parents who have children at this age. This is because young children will not be able to fully understand and apply what you say because of their low level of attention and lack of vocabulary. You can increase and accelerate your child's learning level by increasing the visual stimulus level around your child. Here's what you can do for it…

What can you do?

• If visual learning is very important, you should set an example for any behavior you want to teach your child. Because your child will learn by seeing from you.

• Try to create visual stimuli for something you want to teach your child. I know you asked, “How will visual sleepers be created?.. For example, if you want to teach your child that he or she should thank you when something is given to him, cooperate with your partner and give something to each other in front of your child and thank each other each time.

• Hang a board or paper on the wall in your child's room. Write things to do on this board every day and illustrate the writings. For example, if you are going to a picnic that day, write “Today there is a picnic üzerine on the board and draw a picture about the picnic. So your child will learn from you not only as a verbal command, but also visually.

• Create separate cabinets or baskets for your child's room supplies. For example, a lego basket, toy car basket, block basket or puzzle cabinet sonra After separating all of these, place a visual stimulus on the baskets, boxes or cabinets that shows the material. Thus, even if children forget which basket belongs to which material, the visual stimulus will help and make it easier for them to remember.

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