Pregnancy and Skin Changes

Pregnancy and Skin Changes

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Pregnancy mask, increase in acne, cracks, hair loss döneminde These problems during pregnancy are not only yours. Every woman has this and similar problems. International Polyclinic Etiler Aesthetic Dermatology Specialist Dr. Gamze Menteşoğlu answers the questions that come to mind.

: What is a pregnancy mask?
Dr. Gamze Menteşoğlu: Pregnancy mask is the name we give to the spotting that occurs due to the excessive increase of female sex hormones during pregnancy. It happens in sun-exposed areas; face, especially in the jaw, cheekbones and the like is seen more intense in areas where the sun's rays. In addition to pregnancy, hormonal imbalances and some chronic diseases are also encountered.

: Who is more common?
Dr. Gamze Menteşoğlu: There is familial predisposition in the formation of a pregnancy mask. In addition, the incidence of prolonged exposure in the sun and the use of cosmetic products that irritate the upper layer of the skin and manipulations (such as hair removal) increase.

: How is it treated?
Dr. Gamze Menteşoğlu: In principle, no medical treatment is administered during pregnancy. It is best to provide personal protection by using sunscreen creams and avoiding standing in the sun at noon.

: What is the reason for frequent acne in some mothers?
Dr. Gamze Menteşoğlu: Acne during pregnancy occurs again as a result of excess hormone in the person. People with acne problems in adolescence are more likely to be seen. When the pregnancy ends, it spontaneously improves.

: Is acne treated? If so, how should it be treated?
Dr. Gamze Menteşoğlu: The main principle is to keep the skin clean using Ph-balanced products.

: What causes crack?
Dr. Gamze Menteşoğlu: Cracks occur as a result of the sudden development of tissues under the skin and insufficient skin to grow. That is, the rapid growth of the underlying tissue is insufficient to stretch the skin and the skin is separated in these regions. The body fills these parts with repair tissue.

: Is it possible to avoid?
Dr. Gamze Menteşoğlu: Crack formation supports a lot of rapid weight gain. If the weight gain is proportional and weighs between 8 and 13 kilograms during pregnancy, the person will experience less cracks. In addition, vitamin A-rich cosmetic preparations can be used to nourish the skin and reduce crack formation to some extent.

: How is it treated?
Dr. Gamze Menteşoğlu: There is no specific treatment of stretch marks. Since the body repairs the cracking area, the development of the skin in this region is impossible again with our current medical and technological knowledge. There is a high chance of treatment during the new formation of stretch marks, but the chance of treatment decreases after maturation.

: What is the reason for hair loss? Is there any cure? Or does it improve spontaneously after childbirth?
Dr. Gamze Menteşoğlu: Hair does not shed during pregnancy, on the contrary, it grows and grows with the effect of hormones, but after birth, the female sex hormones begin to shed. In the first year after birth, it automatically regains its former balance. If there is a spill during pregnancy, a specialist should be consulted, vitamins and minerals may be deficient.

: Which changes occur in the skin should be consulted to a doctor?
Dr. Gamze Menteşoğlu: During pregnancy, skin moles growth, hair growth, itchy skin diseases can be seen. These spontaneously resolve after pregnancy.

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