Prophet circumcised children should never be circumcised

Prophet circumcised children should never be circumcised

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Specialist in pediatric surgery Cem Kara: “Such children are born as if they were half circumcised, and when looked carefully, it is noticed that they urinate towards their legs and under their pipies. Even if there is a hole-like appearance at the extreme, it is blind and urine does not come from here. The most common error in a very common congenital abnormality is the circumcision of these children before surgery. Half the foreskin is very useful in these children's surgeries. At the end of the operation, they are already circumcised. We prefer to have no circumcision when we treat these children surgically. Skin around Pipi is very useful for surgery. If the parents treat their children between 6 months and 1.5 years of age, we can achieve rapid recovery without leaving physical and psychological traces. ”Can they have children? Ilk The first thing that draws attention to the circumcision of the prophets, which are more at risk for children of fathers with hypospadias, may be the curvature of the pipe towards the bags. This is especially noticeable when urinating. Dr. Cem Kara; stated that if the wrong treatments are not applied to the people with this condition, they can easily have children in the future. Kara summarized the importance of the issue as follows: “Especially correcting the curvature is very important both in terms of having children and not having problems in sexual relations. These patients can be fully cured by using modern surgical principles and appropriate methods. Children who have been treated late and who have undergone multiple operations because they do not interfere with competent hands may have serious mental problems as well as physical problems affecting their whole lives. ” Ideal treatment for 6 months to 1.5 years… Ideally, surgery can be performed between 6 months and 1.5 years. Kara: çocuklar In children of this age, both surgery itself and postoperative care are much easier than adults. Especially for children who have completed their sixth month and have not yet started to crawl or walk, the ease of care is very evident for families. In addition, patients who have recovered from surgery at this age can not remember that such an event has gone through their heads in the future. This is an important advantage. Children who have missed these ages should be operated as soon as possible without waiting any longer. There is no upper age limit. U

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