What should pregnant women pay attention to in the summer?

What should pregnant women pay attention to in the summer?

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In hot weather, the most important point is to keep the body's water balance intact. Liquid should be taken without leaving the opportunity to feel thirsty. Carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, such as beverages, especially water should stay away from. Weakness, headache, dizziness, muscle cramps, dryness of the tongue, increased body temperature, vomiting, drop in blood pressure are symptoms of dehydration. Dehydration affects your blood volume, causing the release of antidiuretic hormone, which causes the release of oxytocin, a contraction effect in the uterus. This is why the patient is immediately hydrated in cases of preterm labor. With this logic, plenty of fluids should be taken to prevent possible premature contractions. Muscle cramps are related to the loss of electrolytes as well as water. Sweat, urine, as well as abundant water loss, as well as loss of salt. Salt intake should not be restricted if there is no significant high blood pressure in the pregnant woman, and there are no signs of heart failure or pulmonary edema. Edema occurs in pregnant women, especially in hot weather. When you wake up in the morning, the edema disappears. Edema that persists at any time of the day may indicate preeclampsia with protein leakage in the urine.

Ayran can be consumed in abundance both in terms of protein and water and salt content. If there is no problem in terms of diabetes, fruit and vegetable consumption should be abundant.

Avoiding sunlight is very important. The expectant mother should not increase her body temperature. Taking showers often can be a solution. Overheating in pregnant women directly increases the temperature of the fetus and damages it. The pregnant sweat decreases the body temperature slightly, but the fetus does not have such a chance. Particularly in the first 3 months of pregnancy, fetal temperature may increase and malformations may occur. These may include nervous system, abdominal wall malformations and heart defects. In particular, shadow areas between 10 and 16 o'clock should be selected. Permanent blemishes may occur on the skin of the expectant mother with the effect of hormones. High protective creams and wide hats must be used. Thin and light clothing should be used. Synthetic fabrics should be avoided. Shoes should be very comfortable and non-sweaty.

If there are no problems such as the risk of premature birth and bleeding, there is no harm in bathing in the sea. Clean and not too cold sea is ideal. It should not stay in wet clothes and the body should be relaxed by taking a shower. There is no harm in controlled activities such as massage and spa, on the contrary, it will comfort the pregnant woman. It is important that the pregnant woman lies on its side during the day. Activities should be controlled.

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