Violence in children's books!

Violence in children's books!

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Violence is a factor that confronts the child at different times and in different ways. Today, many researchers, educators and psychologists are trying to identify the elements of violence in the lives of children and make researches on how these factors affect the child's life. Istanbul University Faculty Member According to Necdet Neydim, the violence experienced by the child is summarized as follows: violence in education, domestic violence, media violence, consumption violence caused by the discovery of the child as an object of consumption, the violence of the loneliness of the child who is locked in the house due to the street violence caused by a wild urbanization. the violence of the culture created by the means of communication that connect it to the outside world. Intense violence of the future in today's youth.

The fact that literature takes these elements of violence in its own way is one of the topics discussed today. Should children's literature contain violence? If so, how? How right is it to make it look like there's no violence? All of these questions are the main starting points of the discussions. Many experts interested in children's literature seek answers to these questions and examine the subject from different perspectives.

In the screening of children's books, experts found that the most violent elements were seen in fairy tale works. When it comes to the reason, it is understood that many fairy tales existed in children's literature and they did not choose children as the target audience. In fact, these works were written for adults and then uyar adapted a to fill the gap in children's literature. Adopting the child is one of the most important issues to be discussed, because adapting to the child means writing the work in the language that the child understands, as well as transforming the work into a literary product containing elements appropriate to the developmental level of the child. Dr. According to Necdet Neydim, fairy tales should never be transmitted in their authentic form when they are transmitted to children, because many tales contain various elements of violence in their authentic form in a way that is not at all appropriate to the child's developmental phenomenon, and so on.

Therefore, the issue that should be taken into consideration is not whether the literary works contain violence or not, but how the works with these elements should be transferred to the child. The most striking example of what Neydim gave us at this point is the Harry Potter books. Although there are many elements of violence in these books, children are not affected negatively by these elements and they love (or read) these works quite a lot.

As a result, when choosing books for children, it is more important to look at the way the subject is covered, rather than the content of the book. Treating children as if there is no violence in their environment offers us only a short-term solution, but giving them the necessary information and helping them make the necessary inferences will be a much longer term solution.

What can parents do?

? In book selection, pay attention to the pictures of the book and make sure that the pictures do not contain violence. Because experts say that a visible element of violence will have far more negative effects than imagined.

? Make sure that books do not contain any violence that directly applies to a child (for example, obtain books that do not contain any direct violence against the child, such as beating or locking the child away). Because the elements of real violence affect and disturb children more especially in the early ages.

Source : Symposium on Violence Reflected on Children's Literature and Pediatrics. Osmangazi University Publications. 2003.

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