Third stage: emergence of the placenta

Third stage: emergence of the placenta

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The worst thing is over, the only thing remaining is to collect the place. This last phase of birth usually lasts between 5 minutes and half an hour. Even if you do not feel light contractions will continue. . After the birth of the placenta, the tears will be sutured. Some women have a cold at this stage and each woman has a bloody discharge similar to menstrual bleeding. In the meantime, you can be too tired or excited to care about anything. But you should be proud of your work and relax and enjoy this success.

Breech Development
In terms of maternal breech presentation, there is no difference between the arrival of the head, and the advice on how to cope with relaxation and childbirth is the same. However, what the hospital staff will do is different. This varies according to the type of delivery method and breech presentation. Since the possibility of cesarean section is always present, you will probably take you to the operating room after the first stage. Your doctor will choose the safest way of looking at the exact position of the baby. After that, local anesthesia is performed and the head and shoulders are removed using forceps.
In some cases, for example, if the baby is breech presentation or if one foot hangs, if the mother's pelvic region is insufficient and there are signs of distress in the baby, the doctor will not go into normal delivery and try cesarean section. The position of giving birth in breech delivery in the normal way depends on the situation and the experience of your doctor.

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