Simple Precautions Against Home Accidents

Simple Precautions Against Home Accidents

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Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital Emergency Department Responsible Physician and First Aid Training Center Responsible Manager Veysel Balcı; The first aid information that will shed light on the important agenda of the public in recent days and is vital for children is as follows:Precautions against falls and impacts* From the age of 5 months, babies do not sleep on the table, cedar or swing, which are high and side open so that the child can fall. * Your child's bed at the appropriate height, to prevent falling railings.First response to falls and impacts:* Do not intervene if the child who has an accident does not cry, is unconscious and moves his hands and arms normally. But observe for 24-hour movements. * If there are symptoms such as vomiting, vomiting, persistent drowsiness, respiratory distress, abdominal pain, discoloration or remission during 24 hours, more than 3 gushes within half an hour, 2 or 1 hour * If you fall from a height, even if the above-mentioned symptoms are not broken, dislocation or internal bleeding will be possible to take to the nearest health care facility.Precautions to be taken in children's rooms* Children's cot; socket, electric button, curtain, curtain rope should not be in a position to reach. * If the child's crib with a wheel lock must be fixed. * Sharp edges and corners should not be. * There should be no moving objects such as rocking seats * Child lock should be applied to drawer and cabinet doors * Dangling cables should be enclosed in cable duct and sockets should be secured with socket protector.Measures to be taken in the living room or living room:* Things; * Library and shelves must be fixed to the wall, TV and electronic devices should be secured with special security products and should be secured with drawers and cupboard doors. * All glass surfaces, if any, should be covered with safety film.Precautions to be taken in the kitchen:The kitchens where most of the accidents occur are among the most dangerous places for babies and children. Here are the precautions to be taken and the points to be careful are as follows: * Hearth barrier for the oven and oven and oven for the oven lock should be used, as much as possible detergent and similar cleaning products should not be placed in the lower compartment of the cabinets, must be placed in the child safety lock must be used. Knives and similar kitchen utensils and cupboards should be secured with a child safety lock. * If there is a table in the kitchen, long tablecloths should not be used.Precautions to be taken in balcony or garden:* Child safety lock should be placed on the balcony door and mesh or plexi protection should be applied according to the features of the balcony railings. However, if there are furniture such as tables and chairs on the balcony, the child should not be left alone. * In the garden, the types of plants that will not harm the child should be selected, the child should be removed to the garden 48 hours after spraying against insecticides. pool safety barrier should be used.

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