Gold proposals for mothers

Gold proposals for mothers

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Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most important stages of women. At this important stage and before, the expectant mother has to fulfill certain obligations and limit certain things in her life. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Gökmen İyigün, She says that expectant mothers should pay great attention to their health during pregnancy which is a very special stage.

Stating that giving birth to a healthy baby requires some sacrifices. Gökmen İyigün said, “The expectant mother should be very careful with certain substances and actions before and during pregnancy and should remove some of them from her life. Bringing a healthy baby to the world and raising it, of course, depends on a healthy and optimal way of pregnancy, which is a very special period. ” Kiss. Dr. Gökmen İyigün listed the issues and suggestions that the expectant mother should be careful during pregnancy:

-Medicines: In any case, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medication and make sure that the medication you are taking has no negative effects on your fertility.

-Exercise: Another important issue is to perform regular and light exercise. For yourself and your baby's health, you need to optimize your physical condition before pregnancy. If you are going to do a physical training program beyond light exercise, you should consult your doctor first. If you have any cramps or bleeding, you should stop exercising.

-Alcohol: Excessive alcoholic beverages will have a pregnancy-delaying effect on both your partner and you. Therefore, you should considerably reduce alcoholic beverages, even if you do not completely quit.

-Cigaret: Cigarettes and similar tobacco products also reduce the possibility of pregnancy. Because tobacco can damage sperm and eggs and nicotine affects the level of hormones that control your fertility.

-Food habits of living: One of the most important aspects of your pre-pregnancy health program is that you and your partner follow a balanced diet that is rich in fiber and low in fat. In order to get enough vitamins and minerals, you should give plenty of space to your fresh vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of milk. You must be cautious against x-rays, toxic chemicals where you live.

-Folic acid: Health experts recommend that women who are preparing for pregnancy take 0.4 mg of folic acid every day from the preparation period to the 12th week of pregnancy. Folic acid, which you can easily get from your pharmacy, will reduce your baby's risk of being born with Spina Bifida and similar spine and spinal cord problems by 70 percent. Folic acid is also found in green leafy vegetables, brown bread and cereals.

Rubella (Rubella): You should check with your doctor if you have a rubella vaccine. If you get this virus during pregnancy, your child's deaf, blind or mental angels are likely to be born incomplete. If you have not had the rubella vaccine before, your doctor will surely give it. If you have just been vaccinated, you should expect at least three months to get pregnant.

-Toksoplaz Views: This type of infection, which can seriously affect the fetus by causing brain damage, or even death in the womb, is usually transmitted from feces, saliva and similar secretions of cats and similar pets. Therefore, if you feed pets, you should always wear gloves when cleaning the potty. For the same reason, you should wear gloves when dealing with garden or potted flowers.

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