About motherhood with Yüksel Ak: It's great to be a family

About motherhood with Yüksel Ak: It's great to be a family

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Yüksel Ak Rimer, once one of the most successful names on the catwalk, now enjoys being a happy family with his sons, Can Ares and Kaya.

Interview Müge Serçek Biroğlu

How long after you were married did you hold Can?

3 years after I got married, I held Can. I think it is best to wait for a while to live the marriage, to be ready for the child.

But how long after your second pregnancy did you get Can?

There are 3.5 years between Kaya and Can. I was planning to get a 3-year-old among children, but it was better.

I guess. The fact that the age range is small and that there are advantages and difficulties are very high.

Were your pregnancies conscious or surprised?

I can say that my two pregnancies were planned, but my second pregnancy was a bit of a surprise.

How did you learn that you were pregnant in both of your pregnancies and what were your first reactions?

I learned my first pregnancy with a blood test. Since it is planned, I will be able to learn the most accurate result as soon as possible by blood test.

I knew. I was very happy when my doctor told me that I was pregnant. My first job was to call my wife and let her know. Since my second pregnancy was a bit of a surprise, I did a pregnancy test, although I didn't think so. I couldn't believe it when it came out positive. I was very surprised and happy when I went to my doctor to be sure and examined. I immediately called my wife and called home and gave the happy news. He was very excited, was happy.

How was your pregnancy?

I had nausea for the first 3 months in both of my pregnancies and I wanted to sleep all the time. I was relieved after the fourth month.

When you compared your two pregnancies, was there anything different?

I spent the last months of my second pregnancy heavier than the first. I had difficulty walking, tried to rest as much as I could. Both of my pregnancies had different seasons. The first was in the summer and it was more comfortable, I swam plenty, I rested, but in the last months of my second pregnancy, my walk slowed down a bit. I have had pain from time to time, I tried to rest but I need to meet her needs as she is Can

di. That's why I had more trouble.

How did you feed and exercise in your second pregnancy?

I took care of a healthy diet while pregnant. I ate everything I ever wanted. I never missed walnuts, fish, fruit and vegetables. Besides, I never did any sports. I did yoga during my first pregnancy.

How was the birth?

I delivered by caesarean section. I took an epidural, but I felt a little bitter because it didn't work.

What did you feel when you held Kaya in your arms?

There was no difference. I felt the same thing at Can and Kaya; I cried from happiness. It is very important that they are healthy. I felt great relief the moment she started sucking.

Who named your children, does it have a special meaning?

Can has two names; Can Ares. I put Ares and his father. Ares is the god of war. My wife put Kaya.

How long did you breastfeed Kaya and Can?

I breastfed Can for 19 months, and my intention was to breastfeed for 1.5 years. Kaya is now 6 months old, I want to breastfeed until I reach the age of 1.

Have you had a confinement?

I didn't live too busy. I got through it a little ım I had little cries, that's all.

Did motherhood change you?

Of course it changed Değiştir Now my priority is my children. I arrange our food, our sleep patterns, everything for them. I got rid of my selfishness.

Does your partner help you with child care?

My wife helps as much as she can. Plays with children, entertains. Mostly we have their bathrooms together.

Can life go to daycare?

Yeah, he's been gone for two years.

Did he have difficulty getting to daycare?

At first we had a lot of difficulty but then got used to it. He didn't want to go again with Kaya's birth, but now we're on his way.

What dreams do you have about your children?

I would be happy to see that they are happy and healthy im I want them to be successful in their work and to do sports.

Are you planning on going back to the catwalks?

I don't think about it, but sometimes I can go to fashion shows, do some work. But I can't do a full-time job. Especially when you live in Izmir and not possible with 2 children!

What would you recommend to new mothers?

I can advise them to breastfeed as long as possible. Of course, it is very important to be patient with children, have a nice time with them and show our love at every opportunity.

What do you think is the most enjoyable part of raising a child?

There is no greater pleasure than their laughter for me mek It is very enjoyable to make them laugh, sleeping and cuddling are the most enjoyable parts of motherhood.

Did little jealousy occur after Kaya was born?

There are jealousies, of course. We have problems like Can wants to sleep on my lap, doesn't share his toys or can hurt when loving Kaya.

What do you think is the best part of marriage?

I think it's nice to be a family. Happiness is the most beautiful part of marriage to overcome problems together.

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