The importance of breakfast

The importance of breakfast

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Breakfast can also be described as the fuel of metabolism, which is starving all night. It is possible to start the day energetically with breakfast after a long hunger time of 10-12 hours. Nutritionist Gamze Altınsoy share with those who are curious about breakfast.

Why is breakfast so important?
One of the most important sources of energy that metabolism needs all day is breakfast. It can also be defined as the fuel of the metabolism that has starved all night. After a long hunger time of 10-12 hours, the day starts energetically with breakfast. If breakfast is not made, the body's blood sugar will drop, and as a result of the constant feeling of hunger throughout the day, consuming more food than necessary will cause you to have difficulty concentrating. In addition, skipping meals is very detrimental to metabolism, when you skip meals, the body prefers to store itself instead of burning most of the nutrients you consume. This situation causes weight problems over time. What should be a good breakfast??

Breakfast Meal; It should consist of foods rich in protein and fiber (fiber), balanced in carbohydrates, rich in iron and calcium minerals, and moderately fat content.

What are the ideal breakfast examples for a child?

1) A breakfast with bread, cheese, olives, jam or honey and a small amount of butter. In addition to this breakfast 2-3 times a week should be consumed eggs.
2) Toast or Sandwich
3) Breakfast cereals
4) Cheese Omelette
5) Homemade Donut with Cheese or Potato

Milk or freshly squeezed fruit juices should be preferred in addition to these breakfast samples. If your child rides early in the morning, or if he doesn't get up early enough in the morning, he can skip the breakfast meal and give him a sandwich that you will take care of every day.

- How should a good sandwich be?

  • Only cheeses (you can prefer cheeses that can be spread on bread. Especially cheeses of this style are also available in their own varieties, such as tomato and vegetable flavors),
  • Cheese and olive paste,
  • With cheese and tomatoes,
  • With cheese and green pepper,

• Salami or turkey smoked. (Occasionally preferred.)

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