Does the preschool period affect the choice of profession?

Does the preschool period affect the choice of profession?

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Considering that the preschool period corresponds to the 0-6 age period, I am sure that the number of those who think that the choice of profession cannot be at these ages is quite high. However, although I admit that this idea is not entirely wrong, I strongly argue that some facts about the choice of profession have started to occur in preschool period. Some of the messages given to the child at an early age affect the child's perspectives that develop in the future, and deeply affect their decisions during adulthood. For this reason, we should pay attention to all the messages we will give to the child about the choice of profession in the preschool period and prevent these negative ideas from being shaped by the society.

Things to watch out for!

• birey Each individual is unique and has different personal characteristics. It is important that these characteristics are taken into consideration when choosing a profession, everyone should choose a profession according to their personal interests and characteristics ”message should be given to children.
• Teachers and parents should provide children with the right role models for professional development.
• Opportunities for the child to recognize their own characteristics should be provided and supported to explore their own potential.
• Pre-school children should be taught oc decision-making strategies..
• The environment should be provided for the child to implement the decisions he / she makes and behaviors that support the self-confidence factor he / she needs.
• Professions should not be taught on the basis of any gender, and no prejudices should be created on gender discrimination.
• It is very important for the child to gain the opinion that all professions are necessary and important during this period. Prejudices should not be created about the professions.

What can you do?

• We all know that play is very important for preschool children. For this reason, we can hide every message that you will give about the occupations in the games, and we can give these messages to children through games.
• We can buy toys that introduce materials from different occupational groups to children and make them recognize them.
• We can provide children with the opportunity to observe different role models, introduce our children to friends from different occupational groups around us, and allow children to recognize these professions. If such an opportunity does not exist in our own environment, we can talk with the child's teacher and ask for the introduction of these role models in the classroom.
• We can buy computer games and books that tell children about different occupational groups.

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