Does your child have attachments?

Does your child have attachments?

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“Children are not obsessed with” If you are thinking that you have started to read this article, I would say very appropriate. Because some parents sometimes make big mistakes by thinking that children cannot be obsessed. Obsessions can be seen in children as well as in adults. Although the age of onset of obsessions varies, it is very important that families are sensitive to the issue in preschool period. Because obsessions can sometimes be indicative of the next step, for example, obsessions are a common problem in children diagnosed with autism. Or obsessions are still the most important signs on the way to obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. For this reason, we remind parents once again that they should care about obsessions, recommend that they be sensitive and careful about the subject, and advise their children to have an understanding approach in their approach.

To be obsessed…

Obsessed people are aware that their thoughts are meaningless and exaggerated; but they cannot prevent these thoughts from becoming entangled in their minds. Sometimes they want to struggle against these irrational thoughts and make efforts. However, this effort often does nothing but increase existing tensions and develop another repetitive but dysfunctional behavior. In time, they no longer resist, these thoughts and behaviors become part of their daily lives. In fact, these behaviors can replace the behaviors that make daily life easier.

What is obsession?

Permanent thoughts, impulses, or imaginative phantasies, which cause significant distress, are thought to be improper, which the person who does not want to accept will come. They are not under one's own control.

What is compulsion?

They are repetitive behaviors (such as handwashing, queuing, controlling) or mental actions (praying, counting, repeating words silently…). Compulsions are made with the aim of relieving distress, and the individual feels almost forced to do so. It is designed to alleviate or prevent distress, to neutralize or prevent an event that creates fear.

Obsessions seen in children…

- excessive fear of germs and bacteria

- the need for continuous cleaning

- the idea of ​​an attack from outside

- the desire to move too regularly

obsessions about religious issues

- Concerns about urine and cleanliness

- Lucky and unlucky numbers and objects

- Gay and aggressive thoughts

- worries about household chores (eg excessive desire to have their room and all departments in the house organized)

- suddenly made noises and movements

Difficulties seen in children?

- Extremely common hand washing, tooth brushing, showering behavior

- meaningless rituals (such as opening and closing the door three times before going out…)

- Counting and touching rituals

-over-frequent room cleaning

- repeats some behavior because he believes that he is protecting himself

What are the signs?

- frequently washed hands, age of hands

- Excessive consumption of soap and toilet paper

-a sudden decline in academic achievement

- wasting excessive time while doing homework

tears or perforations caused by wiping

- repeating strange sentences and asking you to repeat

- start to be extremely afraid of the disease

-requestly request that your laundry and linen be washed

- be extremely attentive when cleaning the room

- constantly asking family members about their health status

- to think that something bad will happen


Most obsessions can be eliminated by behavioral and drug therapies. Therefore, the most important thing you should do is to contact a specialist and get professional help as soon as possible with your child. This disregard will only make the problem worse. For this reason, we recommend you to be sensitive and take action as soon as possible.

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