Things to consider when choosing a children's book

Things to consider when choosing a children's book

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If you have not yet made plans for this weekend, I have a suggestion: READ THE BOOK. Where did this suggestion come from? Do not say that reading is a weekend? 29 October holiday and TÜYAP book fair coincide, this weekend is an important opportunity to book, please try to evaluate.

Having a child should not constitute any obstacle for you to participate in such activities, but its presence should force you to participate in such activities. Going to a book fair with your child will help him / her to experience an experience he has never experienced and will help him understand the importance you give to reading. This year the book fair places more emphasis on children's literature than ever before and awaits your interest. Give your child an opportunity and take him to the fair, don't say “but he doesn't understand much more”, the tree bends when it's alive !!!

If you go to book fair with your child, don't forget to buy a book, but pay attention to some important points. What points?

What should you pay attention to when choosing a children's book?

Book by age:
When choosing books for children, be sure to choose books that are appropriate for your child's developmental level. Children's books are divided into levels and each level addresses children of different age groups. If you do not understand the level of the book, try to get information from the salesperson about it, otherwise your book may not be of interest to your child because it does not correspond to your child's level of development.

Make sure that the books you buy for very young children are made of thick materials (thick cardboard, wood, plastic…). Because at this age, children behave like biting, sucking and licking to recognize books. Books made of thin paper tears, ruptures, melts and causes the child to swallow pieces of paper at the end of these behaviors.

Attention to the language of the book:
One of the most important responsibilities of children's books is the best use of language in books. Because children learn a lot from their first experiences with books. There should be no misuse of words, narrative disorders and slang words in selected books for children.

Children's ability to use the language also varies according to their level of development. Young children like to listen to texts prepared with sound games, so you get them rhymes, mania, rhyme narrative make sure that the books. For older children, try to buy books with a rich vocabulary, and it is necessary to teach children new words and sounds to support the language development of children of this age.

Pictures are very important:
One of the most important features to pay attention to when choosing a book for your children is that the book is abundantly illustrated. Because children are illiterate, their interest in the book is limited to pictures. The pictures are understandable and carry interesting items (the brightness of colors, the sweetness of the characters…) that make the children interested in those books.

It should not contain violence:
Unfortunately, children are exposed to different violent elements. Minimizing or even resetting the level of violence children are exposed to is a task we have for adults. Please note that you should consider this issue when choosing a book and pay attention to the criterion of violence when choosing a book.

We started with a book fair and finish with it again. If you go to the fair, do not forget to participate in the panels and interviews held within the scope of fair events. Since the topic is about children, I recommend some activities related to children's literature. The dates are:

Saturday, October 30:
Problems and Solutions in Children's Literature (12.45-14.15)
Speakers: Sedat Sever, Necdet Neydim

The Place of Fairy Tale in Children's Literature (13.00-14.00)
Speakers: Mehmet Başaran, Necdet Neydim, Tarık Dursun K.

Sunday, October 31:
The Place of the Fairy Tale in the World of Children (12.15-13.15)
Speakers: Mavisel Yener, Aytul Akal, Cigdem Gundes

The Importance of Fairy Tale in Child Development (16.00-17.00)
Speaker: Tuncel Altınköprü

Children, literature and cinema (12.30-14.00)
Speakers: Tülin Tankut, Necdet Neydim

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