Being a grandfather

Being a grandfather

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Yesterday evening, when our plan was to reach further, the village house with the sign ”Zimmer Frei miş attached on an old bicycle attracted us like a magnet.

We just settled here. Both our room was very nice and a host prepared a bed for me. We couldn't use the type of screw we used here because we couldn't use it. What more could we ask for.

I really miss sleeping on my own bed. We all slept well. When I woke up early, I ran right down. Yesterday I saw a lot of toys in the garage where my dad put the bikes. Brother who used them when he was little went by and went to his school.
He had taken good care of all of them, and most of the toys looked brand new.

First I cooked in the mobile kitchen. Then I rode the truck up to my height and carried sand. Then I took a little tour with roller skateboard. I tried to turn the wheel while my father pushed my kart. I watered the strawberries with tiny garden tools, even shovels and hoes for my height. My father also put me in the trampoline, which I call “hopa hopa” or ıp hop ”, but for some reason I was startled and wanted to get off. Mom was surprised where all this energy came from. I haven't even been to breakfast yet.

Our breakfast was going to be a bit near the hotel. After settling in our room last night, we stood here passing by chance, watching the old people dancing in the ballroom and dancing with my mom and dad outside even though we couldn't go inside because it was a special event.

I made my breakfast very well, I was thoroughly satisfied. I could even play with the big machines and tools in the garage and do all the field work of the village.

When it was time to leave the village, I mumbled a little bit not to leave, how nice it would be to fill all the toys on the back of my trailer. Ours were able to get me ready for the road with a hush of organic grapes, seeds and hazelnuts.

My father always says that tanımak knowing our bikes is another key to getting to know another culture yakın. In a way, our bikes were our unofficial passports.
Because people immediately begin to sympathize and trust a person traveling by bicycle.

On the other hand, a family with a baby and traveling by bicycle leads to an increase in this sympathy and the smile that comes with it covers the whole face. In fact, even though the girl first sans me, most people care about us as if they were one of their own family. The only tent in the camp we reached this evening was ours. Most of the people in the caravans were older people.

As the road to the central building of the camping passes by our tent, dozens of people welcome us and said ”halu.. In the meantime, a rabbit family passed by the field road behind us, chasing each other. My father could only take out the camera and shoot only one. There is no eagle photo again, but today we took a rabbit photo.

I immediately started imitating rabbits. Meanwhile, an old grandfather came and played with me for a long time, holding my hand. Then his wife came and we played together. I didn't forget to take my grandfather's lap and take a photo and kiss her good night. I'm sure this was felt by the kisses of my grandparents in Turkey.

The sunset was beautiful today. Seeing the sunset as I was suddenly moving towards a new late-night record, ours immediately started my sleep ritual. Before going into the tent we looked a little cloudy night, but I could not see my grandfather but I slept peacefully.

I kiss all the grandfathers of the world very, very much.

“Ipet Cina”
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July 25, 2011

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