Safety measures against drowning

Safety measures against drowning

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Pool, water slides, ornamental pool, aquariums, bath tub, inflatable pools, the sea ... No matter what kind of water source, we should not distract our children from even a second. No matter how and where we are, we must be very close to the children. We shouldn't be far from elbow contact. Do not forget! Even at a water depth of 10 centimeters, bad results can occur.

Swimming mobilization should be initiated
Most of our citizens sitting on the shores of our country, which consists of 2 peninsulas surrounded by water on three sides, do not know swimming. Both parents and children need to learn swimming. Swimming skills should be one of our vital processes such as walking and running. It is unimaginable to get rid of swimming in water accidents without knowing. We need children to get swimming lessons from an early age. However, children under the age of 5 should not rely on swimming, even though they have attended a course. Children should be watched by a great early on playing at the water's edge.

Water safety starts at home
· Safety in water should start in the bath tub or even in the cleaning bucket in the house. Dirty water buckets should not be left on the cleaning days. Babies who love water can put their heads in these buckets. Even the water in the toilet can be attractive for children 1-5 years old. Always close the toilet seat cover and lock the bathroom door if necessary.

· All preparations must be made before putting children in the bath. The adult who is their observer cannot leave their heads for a very short time and go to buy towels. If they like to play in the water by filling the tub, an adult should have a guard at their head. To prevent electric shock, electrical appliances such as a hair dryer, razor or electric shaver should not be left in the vicinity of water.

· Scalds and burns lead to water accidents in the house. If the thermostat in the house can be adjusted, the water temperature should not exceed 50 ° C. Children's skin burns much easier than adults. In the same high degree of water, when the baby's hand blows and collects water, there may be no damage to the parents' skin. We should always feel the water temperature with the inside of the arm and wash our child if it is a comfortable, tolerable temperature.

Secure if you have a pool
· Security measures should be increased for children, and families should review the safety of all watery environments around their homes.

· The smartest investment pool you can make is to secure a safe fence. It is a great responsibility to have a pool in front of the house, a water pool on site, a pool or jacuzzi in the house.

· If there is a pool in the garden of the house, there should be a fence directly surrounding the pool. This fence should not be stepped so that children can climb, it should be 120 centimeters high and should not be more than 10 centimeters apart. It should have a self-closing door and self-lock when closing the door. Pool alarms, plastic drapes that cover the pool are never as safe as the fence.

Looking up at children playing in water
· Be sure not to run near the water. Children should know where the pool is shallow and deep, not to dive in shallow water. If a crowded group meeting is held near the pool and other waters, they may be distracted. Observation of children in such meetings should be at the highest level.

· Children who have finished playing in the pool must take all the toys out of the water or they may fall and suffocate while trying to remove them from a tiny water behind them. If they played in an inflatable pool, it is necessary to drain the pool by draining the water after the game is over; If it does not extinguish water should be drained and lean vertically. Even if all children leave the pool, you must make sure that the fence door is closed. Frozen lakes and duck ponds call the children back; they can return passionately. If there are many children, it is often useful to count their numbers.

· It is essential to have a mobile phone to call for help in case of emergency when looking after children near the water.

· Currents, whirlpools, and waves at sea make observation difficult. Safety at sea should always be at the highest level. On stormy and fluctuating days, the recommendations of the coast guard should be followed exactly.

· Adults who take care of children must have taken an animation course.

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