7 wrong known right in pregnancy

7 wrong known right in pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most common issues in urban legends… When many expectant mothers become pregnant, they put restrictions on their lives. Some of these restrictions have no scientific basis. False information spread from ear to ear in many health-related issues sometimes makes life difficult. American Hospital Women's Health Unit Chief Dr. Bülent Urman, Explains the correct known mistakes about pregnancy.

Pregnant women can not dye hair

There is no scientific evidence that hair dyeing is harmful when expecting a baby.

Pregnant women should not go through security doors

Security gates are equipped with metal detectors. There is no X-ray. For this reason, there is no problem passing through security doors.

Traveling during pregnancy is inconvenient

It is safe for pregnant women to drive a car for the last four weeks. Seat belts must be fastened.
Pregnant women who are traveling by air need a doctor's report that it is not objectionable after 26 weeks. In cases where air travel is less than three hours and there are no risk factors associated with pregnancy, movement, abundant fluid intake and calf exercises are sufficient. Longer journeys require the addition of varicose stockings.

It should be known that nausea and vomiting may increase in pregnant women who will travel by sea especially in the first three months. Other than that, traveling by sea is not inconvenient.

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is inconvenient and orgasm initiates premature birth

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is not inconvenient unless there is a threat of bleeding or preterm labor. Previously, while sexual intercourse was inconvenient in the last month, the data obtained from recent studies indicate that sexual intercourse may be up to birth and that even the expiration time may be less in pregnant women who have intercourse during the last month of pregnancy. The belief that having an orgasm during pregnancy will start premature birth is completely wrong.

Pregnant should eat for both herself and her baby

The rules of nutrition during pregnancy are like healthy eating in non-pregnant women. The three main building blocks necessary for the development of the baby should be taken in a balanced manner. These are protein, calcium and vitamin-mineral groups. Pregnancy in vegetarians is usually normal. Red meat is not necessarily eaten. Chicken and fish can replace red meat. Fish can be eaten twice a week. Large fish that live in the sea for a long time and accumulate some heavy metals in their meat should not be eaten frequently. As a source of calcium, milk and milk products should be taken in sufficient amounts to meet the baby's bone development. This amount increases in multiple pregnancies. During pregnancy, 1-2 cups of open tea, 1 cup of coffee and 1 cup of cola can be drunk. There is no harm to the baby by taking a small amount of alcohol when there is a social environment. There is no harm in eating cooked delicatessen. It is useful to avoid raw and undercooked meat. Sushi can be eaten.

Using mobile phones, computers and microwave ovens is harmful

It is not inconvenient to talk with mobile phone, use computer or microwave oven during pregnancy. In a study published last year, a study showing that behavioral disorders are seen more frequently in the children of pregnant women who use excessive mobile phones. Based on this study, it would be a good attitude not to over-use mobile phones or use headphones during pregnancy.

Can pregnant do sports?

There is no evidence that doing sports adversely affects the course of pregnancy. If there is no risk of pregnancy (bleeding, preterm birth, multiple pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.), sports can be continued. Ground movements, light weight training, sports such as swimming, tennis, treadmill, bike, rowing can do.

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