Finger sucking habit in children

Finger sucking habit in children

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Most of us, after the birth, the nurse brings the baby to our side, we see with great pleasure that he even eats, swallowing his fingers and sucking it all the way to his mouth. The first thing we think about is that our baby gets very hungry. It is true that the baby is very hungry, but sucking fingers has many different meanings for babies. It is not possible to come across the babies who take their thumbs in their mouths and look happy. All babies, with an innate reflex, absorb everything that comes into their mouths to meet their nutritional needs. They mostly like to suckle nipples and bottles, but they also use pacifiers when they are forced. Meanwhile, babies are sucking their fingers to calm down.

After sucking several times, the baby can easily make it a habit. Because sucking fingers just does not enjoy. Babies also see their thumbs as an aid to relieve their problems. Sucking something after an exciting game can be calming for the baby. Especially in foreign environments, the baby gets peace of mind more easily with a pacifier. According to research, boys are ashamed to suck, but they can't stop sucking.

Some special situations in the family may also turn the child back to suckling. When a new sibling comes home, the child may become out of balance and seek solace in the habit of infancy. This can be circumvented, but continuous and chronic suckings can give the clue that something is wrong in the child's life.

Finger sucking and pacifier in older children can lead to orthodontic disorders. Pacifier affects all parts of the mouth, including tongue, lower and upper jaw bones. Teeth may be premature due to dilation of the palate in pacifier-sucking molars. Cavities may occur when the upper and lower teeth are present.

Sucking fingers is more harmful than pacifiers. In children who suck their thumbs, the upper jaw bone is pulled and the front teeth are pushed forward. At the same time, the entire weight of the hand pushes the lower jawbone back. The result is a retracted jaw structure and toothiness. As a result of the deformation of the jaw structure, the child's speech may also be a problem. When he says S and Z, the child starts to speak peltek as the tongue swings between the incisors. It is necessary to have the treatment restored. Pacifiers should be checked by a jaw orthopedist after three years. In these checks, the attending physician can monitor whether a wrong occurrence has occurred.


Some children absorb the sense of suction with a pacifier while others prefer to suck their fingers. Since both finger sucking and pacifier will cause deformation of the child's teeth, families look for ways to save their children. However, experts advise families not to force their children. To apply hot pepper to the thumb or throw the pacifier into the sea is not a solution. If the child is forced to do so, he will fulfill his wish no matter what, and he will turn to bad habits like eating nails and biting lips. It is better to let go of sucking at the will of the child. The need for sucking comes from the fact that the child feels confident that they are safe. The child may be given a soothing toy, such as a toy he feels safe with, a blanket he loves, or a bottle. The need for finger sucking or pacifiers can be caused by psychological reasons in some children. Families need to monitor their children very well and seek help from an expert if the child does not stop sucking even though he is older.

Pacifier fairy story may be the best solution to a situation that has become a problem. The child is told that the pacifier fairy can replace the pacifier with a beautiful gift. The only thing to do is to leave the pacifier in front of the door before the child sleeps. In the morning, the child finds a surprise gift that he loves or wants at the door and will not look for his pacifier anymore.

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