If your child has iron deficiency, remedy proper nutrition!

If your child has iron deficiency, remedy proper nutrition!

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Because it plays a role in the fulfillment of many functions in our body, the deficiency of iron affects all organs. Anemia due to iron deficiency is the most common type of anemia in children. The most important cause of iron deficiency is the intake of less iron than the body needs with foods. The second most common reason is the need for iron during periods of rapid growth. Other causes of iron-deficiency anemia are blood loss and inability to absorb iron from the intestines.

Iron deficiency may also be encountered during the course of some other diseases. Anemia due to iron deficiency was initiated in children 6-24. months and during the period of rapid growth is seen more in adolescence. Although iron-deficiency anemia usually starts in the fourth month in term infants and in the second month in premature infants, it may not show symptoms until the baby is nine months old.

An important symptom of pale face
Dr. Yeşim Coşkun, while there is no finding in cases where iron deficiency anemia develops slowly, anorexia, inability to gain weight, pallor and restlessness, in older children weakness, fatigue, palpitations, decrease in exercise performance and eating soil, glass, ash or ice As the findings began to emerge, he says.

The most important consequence of anemia that occurs in childhood and due to untreated iron deficiency is irreversible impairment of mental functions that may be reflected in adult life, even if the deficiency is detected and resolved later. In other words, in children with iron deficiency anemia but not treated as a child, this situation leads to a decrease in intelligence level, a decrease in learning ability, a decrease in perception and a failure in lessons. In addition, iron deficiency has also been shown to be a cause of breath-holding seizures in some children starting with crying, followed by bruising, contraction, and non-reactivity. In addition to the negative effects of iron deficiency on the organs in the body, it is known that it causes frequent infection by disrupting the immune system in children. Paleness is an important finding in the diagnosis. Paleness is determined by looking especially into the eyelids, palms, nail bed, auricle and oral mucosa.

Start treatment without wasting time
After the diagnosis of deficiency, treatment should be started as soon as possible. Dr. Yeşim Coşkun explains the treatment process as follows: damla In the treatment, drops, syrups or capsules containing iron are used in accordance with the age and weight of the child. Iron drug must be used on an empty stomach, at least half an hour before meals and 2-3 doses per day. Co-administration of the drug with a liquid containing vitamin C, such as orange juice, increases the absorption of iron in the intestines, allowing a more effective treatment. However, tea, milk or wholemeal foods consumed along with the drug disrupt the absorption of iron. The effect of the treatment begins to be seen 24 hours after the start. The main expected effect of iron treatment is that the hemoglobin value increases above 1 g / dl after one month. If this response arises, the treatment is continued and iron medication is used for at least three months to fill the iron stores in the body. ”

Importance of iron-based nutrition in supplements
Preventing iron deficiency rather than treating iron deficiency anemia is a more appropriate approach. Dr. Yeşim Coşkun, especially in premature and low birth weight babies in the second month; recommends the use of iron drops in the fourth month in babies born on time and at normal weight. Since iron deficiency in children starts most frequently during the transition period to supplementary foods, the child should be given iron-containing foods when switching to supplementary foods after the sixth month. Since the amount of iron in cow and goat milk is low and the absorption of available iron in the body is insufficient, the child should not be given milk except breast milk before the age of one year. After one year, the child's daily milk consumption is 500 ml. or not more than two glasses of water. It is possible to prevent iron deficiency if the child's nutrition is paid attention and if it is provided to consume foods containing iron.

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