It's not hard being good parents!

It's not hard being good parents!

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Like all parents, you live with the dream of having a better dialogue with your child. Creating this environment is not as difficult as you think. With our small and simple proposal, it will be easy to make big improvements in your family life!

No doubt, everyone dreams of perfect communication with their children, to be friends with them. You don't need to act like a psychologist to achieve that. It is up to you to enjoy being a better parent with some methods that all parents can easily implement. Come on, start practicing these methods right now, starting today. You will find it worth trying.

• Praise your child

While your son was playing in the park, he helped a little boy ride on the swing, or your daughter gave you a card with red hearts that he had prepared for himself. So show him that you care about this behavior. His tiny gestures and recognition and praise not only help strengthen his personality but also make him feel better about others. In addition, your child learns to care about others' behavior. You don't have to put on your happiest facial expression to show your child that you have noticed this gesture. Just say, “This was really great. Ve And then turn your attention away. Do not exaggerate the dose of praise.

• Read stories before you go to sleep

Reach next to your child and read his or her favorite book or a section. If you are annoyed by reading stories for children, choose books that you may both like “Oliver Twist”. The stories tell your child about life, albeit indirectly. Read a book to her once or twice a week by creating a timeline. You only have to give up a few nights by watching television or talking on the phone and contribute to its development.

• Take your time

Many activities such as funfair, going to the cinema and playing ball both strengthen your family ties and affect his personality in a positive way. It is a known fact that many of us have a very busy weekly schedule. However, it is essential for your child and his personality to spare time for all. You don't have to do all-day activity on weekends just to spend time with her. If you have limited time, go to pick him up from school or play together when you get back from work. Make sure that your child will be happy to share something with you, even if the time is short.

• Make your presence felt

Hold him. Strok her hair. Get in your arms. It may sound funny to you, but it's important for your child to make you feel your physical presence. When you're busy, give him a hug when you don't even have time to talk. you will see the happiness in their gaze. Remember, touching is the best way to show love. Keep in mind that kissing him when you leave for school means having a piece of you with you all day long.

• Look at the world with his eyes

Try to think of putting yourself in his place. So you can both look at the world with magic eyes and your child will be happy to share the same thoughts with you. On the contrary, support him by saying anlat Tell me more ””. Maybe this time you'il learn something from her.

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