When should your baby start swimming?

When should your baby start swimming?

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Babies; While learning that they should approach water with respect and love, they also develop their self-confidence in a clean and hygienic environment. The bond between the parent and the baby is strengthened. Baby Swimming Instructor Erengül Özbuğutu gives information about this program: ız Our program teaches parents and their babies how to feel comfortable above and under water in an easy and safe way. Therefore, a baby can participate in the baby swimming program from birth. ”What should be considered when choosing a pool for babies?When choosing the pond, care should be taken to clean the ponds with ozone, ion, crystal or salting method.How Long Should Swimming Training Last?Babies are born with a breath-holding reflex. In our program, we do exercises to ensure that this exercise is not forgotten and reinforced in our baby lessons. At the end of our baby classes, when our babies enter the water, they hold their breath and reach the edge without help. After the 12th month, our exercises to stop above the water begin. As a result of these exercises, our children may stay above the unaided water.What should be considered in baby swimming education?First of all, the person who will apply this program should have baby swimming education. Not all swimming instructors can implement this program.What are the benefits of baby swimming?Babies can hold their breath under water using their diving reflexes when they are born. Our baby swimming program aims to use this natural reflex to make babies feel safe in the water. Babies start breathing exercises using word reconciliation. In this way, they learn to control their natural breath-holding reflexes when their faces touch water. Since it is very important for us to have a fun experience for our babies, our program aims to learn with play and is realized with the participation of parents and adults. Our program is divided into age groups and each stage lasts for 5 weeks. CONTACT INFORMATIONERENGÜL ÖZBUĞUTUTEL: 05428925450e-mail: [email protected]

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