Allergic rhinitis in children

Allergic rhinitis in children

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Children with allergic rhinitis give mouth breathing due to nasal obstruction, which may lead to jaw development disorders in the future. Allergic rhinitis can cause tooth decay, especially in children.

Allergy is a state of hypersensitivity to foreign substances entering the body, which occurs when the hypersensitivity occurs in the mucosa lining the nose and sinuses.

What are the complaints of patients with allergic rhinitis?

Sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, eyes nose, ears and throat itching manifests itself with complaints. Complaints may vary depending on the type, intensity, and frequency of exposure, nasal congestion in people with house dust allergy, sneezing and runny nose in pollen allergy.

In addition to these symptoms, dry cough, taste and smell disorders, snoring and sleep problems can also be seen. Especially children with allergic rhinitis are restless, can not stand in place, constantly itch, rub their noses.

Does allergic rhinitis cause other diseases?

Some diseases are common in people with allergic rhinitis. This condition is caused by both allergic reaction in other regions and nasal respiration is not healthy. Allergic rhinitis being treated makes it easier to keep these concomitant diseases under control.

Allergic rhinitis is treated with medications, vaccination and surgical treatment. For a successful treatment, patients should be knowledgeable about allergy, be trained by doctors and assistant health personnel, and should not be in contact with the following doctor. The patient should know that he / she will not heal by taking a box of medicine and should be realistic about his / her expectations from the treatment.

Source: Bayındır Medical Center

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