Pregnancy yoga makes birth easier

Pregnancy yoga makes birth easier

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Pregnancy Yoga, organized by Memorial Health Group for mothers, starts at Memorial Şişli and Ataşehir Hospitals. Yoga Specialist Contact Neslihan directly Pregnancy Yoga, which will be held under the management, will be available free of charge to mothers from Saturday 24 September.

Yoga Specialist Neslihan İskit explained the benefits of the Pregnancy Yoga program that should be done during pregnancy:

“Pregnancy leads to posture disorder”

Every pregnancy and birth causes physical and psychological changes in women. When the baby begins to grow in the womb, the body's center of gravity may change, and the natural structure of the spine can be disrupted, causing pain in the waist and legs. Restrictions in physical activities and psychological changes may make the mother more vulnerable and vulnerable. Yoga, which means the union of body, mind and soul, helps you to have a good pregnancy period against these problems.

Basic forms of posture in pregnancy yoga prepare you to become a mother and give a peaceful birth. With the applied breathing exercises, mothers learn to breathe correctly.

“Make birth easier with yoga”

The regular yoga program during your pregnancy reduces edema and body cramps in the hands and feet. It strengthens the abdominal muscles and relaxes the bowel movements with the massage effect. Respiratory and circulatory system is strengthened to say goodbye to nausea. Yoga with posture disorders of the pregnant woman is minimized. The tension in the birth canal is relieved to make delivery easier and faster.

Şeniz Tanrıverdi, who participated in pregnancy yoga, said the following about the contribution of yoga to the birth process: Ağustos On August 15, I gave birth to my daughter İpek. I walked to the maternity ward and 10 minutes after I was in the birth chair, I was born. I managed to overcome my pains without shouting or breathing properly. Since I had a comfortable birth, I was able to enjoy the most beautiful voice in the world, my daughter's screams. My birth would not have been so easy and enjoyable if I hadn't attended the Memorial Yoga program organized by Memorial. ”

Memorial Şişli Hospital
Start Date: 24 September 2011
Day / Time: Every Saturday / 16.30 - 17.30
Venue: Memorial Şişli Hospital Conference Hall

Memorial Atasehir Hospital
Start Date: 24 September 2011
Day / Time: Every Saturday / 10.00 - 11.00
Venue: Memorial Ataşehir Hospital Conference Hall
Information and Registration: 444 7 888

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