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Many parents want to be with her during the growth process of her baby and to witness each stage one by one. However, some parents exaggerate it a little and gradually turn their expectations on similar issues into impatience. This is exacerbated in the process in which the most basic abilities of man, such as walking and speaking, are beginning to emerge. So, a few months after the baby's birth, parents begin to think or even worry about “when to talk” or yürüy when to walk ”. This can be one of the main reasons for using a walker, which usually helps when the child first gets up.

In addition, chicco walker parents are a tool that acts as a savior, especially when the fathers have to deal with the other job for the time being. When the mother or father is forced to cook or do household chores, the baby walker is engaged as both a friend and a toy. Thus, the baby not only has fun, but also plays safely in front of the parents.

It has been said that baby walker tools produced in the past caused accidents. However, babies who cannot begin to walk are more likely to have a home accident if they do not have careful parental supervision. Nowadays, chicco walker, which is the more modern of walker-like tools in the past, is both toys that act as walkers and tools that the child has the opportunity to expand the movement area.

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