The importance of games and toys for your child's development

The importance of games and toys for your child's development

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Among the most important factors in the development of children are play and toys. Anything that affects their mental, physical, sociological and psychological development, reveals their creative sides with their imagination and develops their talents is called toys.

Today, toys are classified under different age ranges and species. Thanks to the conscious choices of the parents, playing with healthy toys by having quality and productive time plays a big role in the development of children. Cordless car is a product that attracts all children. A child who has this toy and can use it must be between 3 and 8 years old. When buying a battery-powered car, one of the most important things to be aware of is safety and availability of spare parts. The preference of brands such as Pilsan cordless car, which mainly produce such products, prevents trouble in terms of usage safety and spare parts. Lego toys and playskool toys for children under 2 should be preferred. For all children in the age group of 2 and over, lego thinking power can be preferred at any time due to the development of dexterity and creativity. Playskool toys are generally considered as 1 year old toys, while lego is not recommended under 2 years old. Infant playgrounds are a savior for parents at home because babies aged 1-2 years are becoming more active. They play with the toys the parents choose and under their control. It is possible for girls to have barbecue toys as early as 3 years of age. Toy cats, toy dogs, square toys, colors introducing toys will help a lot in their development for 6 months and in terms of recognizing their shapes, colors and animals. An important part of infant and child development is garden toys and garden games. We can count many benefits such as learning to play with other children socializing outside, being in the society as an individual, improving speech, providing benefits to body development through activities that increase mobility. their orientation through their toy selection enables their children to contribute to their social, psychological and physical development.

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