Birth Process And Stages!

Birth Process And Stages!

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Pregnant women How about participating in a program where you will feel good for yourself and your baby's health, take a deep breath and focus on yourself, dance and play fun games with music, and become physically and spiritually empowered? Anadolu Health Center, Focusing on special pregnancy and birth exercises for all expectant mothers for a healthier and safer pregnancy Dans Dance of Birth ” program calls.

Dance of Birthis a program where you can focus on yourself as you spend pleasant moments with your baby, which is a part of your soul and body, and you can strengthen yourself physically and spiritually while dancing with music and playing fun games. The Dance of Birth, where you can share your experiences, feelings and troubles with other mothers before prenatal, promises a healthy and safe birth process, and aims to offer you the warm and comfortable environment you provide to your mothers. This program has been implemented in the US for 25 years. According to American National Statistics; It is seen that the rate of miscarriage, preeclampsia (preeclampsia), emergency cesarean section and other risks are much lower in the participants of the program when compared with the pregnant women who do not participate in the program. Anadolu Medical Center provides the following information about the program:

What is the Dance of Birth?

Dance of Birth is a program that focuses on special pregnancy and birth exercises and aims at a healthy pregnancy.

• Special exercises for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum
• Cardio training, strengthening and flexibility
• Focus, relaxation and training
• Supporting environment

What are the benefits?

• Free from physical disturbances
• Increase in stamina, range of motion and power
• Feeling fit
• Acquiring skills useful in childbirth
• Rapid recovery after birth
• Ready to follow-up program (After Dance)
• Consulted by a certified trainer on the condition you are experiencing

Who can benefit?

Dance of Birth is a special program that all mothers can benefit from and can be personalized according to the physical condition and lifestyle of the participant. It allows you to have a more comfortable pregnancy period.

Are there any damages?

No, there's no harm. Nevertheless, a doctor's approval is obtained from anyone who wishes to participate in the program as a precaution. You can participate in the program after your doctor has performed a medical scan and gave you a confirmation form stating that it is OK to exercise.

What Environment?

Dance of Birth Program, a pleasant environment where pregnant women come together. There is confidence, comfort, support within this environment. Here pregnant women have the opportunity to talk to each other and share what they have experienced. The words of a participant mother: “The Dance of Birth was my life line mek Sharing my emotions with others was as important to me as exercises”.

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