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Pregnancy and useful information

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Before you doubt that you are pregnant, your body will begin to undergo some important changes to support the developing embryo. Most women do not start experiencing signs of pregnancy until the 6th week of pregnancy; however, there may be major changes between individuals in this respect. Some women know their bodies so well that they may notice that something has started to change from the moment they become pregnant. Some women may spend the first stages of their pregnancy with little or no change. This does not mean that they are at greater risk than women who have experienced any signs of pregnancy. You should be prepared for many physical and emotional changes during pregnancy.

Physical Changes

The feeling of hunger and gnawing space in your abdomen can last for hours. You can only get away from this feeling when you eat, but it is not possible to get rid of it completely.

There may be a feeling of nausea. You may feel unrest during the day and night.
Your breasts may be painful and tender. The nipples can become very tender and tingy to the extent that you feel. The color around the nipple may become darker than usual.

A small amount of vaginal bleeding may occur. This bleeding is not as intense as menstrual bleeding, only to stain. This is called implantation bleeding and occurs when the newly fertilized egg is attached to the thickened, muscular wall of the uterus.

Normally you may experience non-back pains. Back pain is another symptom of early pregnancy which is thought to be caused by pregnancy hormones.

You may notice that you no longer like the food and drink you always enjoy. Coffee, alcohol, frying or oily foods can physically disturb you.

You can start craving some foods that are not usual or always eat. A new desire may arise against vinegar foods such as pickles and pickled foods. Maybe salty food might appeal to you.

Emotional Changes

Some women say that they feel different as if something has changed in themselves. Some people feel the moment when the embryo is attached to the wall of the uterus. This attachment usually occurs on the eighth or tenth day after ovulation.
You may be more tearful and more susceptible to emotional outbursts than normal times. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed and wonder what happens to your balanced, calm personality may Remember, even if you have been pregnant before, you may experience different things this time.

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