How is the child's mathematical thinking developed?

How is the child's mathematical thinking developed?

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Professor Dr. Davis and Professor. Dr. According to Koontz mathematical thinking ” to find solutions to a problem independently in different ways ”. Agog If the child acquires this skill at an early age, he will be more successful in overcoming the obstacles he faces in both education and business, Ped says Pedagogue Sevil Gümüş.

Mathematics exists in all aspects of life. We wake up in the morning and get up with math. We plan everything with mathematical thinking. Think about how often we use numbers in daily life: buluş Let's meet at 3, get 2 chocolates, not arithmetic things like collecting mathematical thoughts, on the contrary düşünme thinking about thinking, studying, analyzing, abstracting, concretizing, different solutions Finding ways. You can teach your child mathematics anytime, anywhere that mathematics is a part of life.

Ask Open-ended Questions for Children to Think!

Sevil Gümüş, a pedagogue, says about mathematics: “When children come across a problem, they say that I can't do it first, but think about it nasıl how do you think it might be? Fırsat Professor, in a study they asked the children in kindergarten yapt You have six cookies, how would you share them with your friend? ”. First the boy was fair and said, "3 him 3 me". So how else could you divide it? 4 he asked, 4 to me 2 to him; “Another”, “6 me zero to it”; ”Another”, müş split one of the cookies, “half told him 5.5 me”. That answer surprised him. When the children are given the opportunity, that is, there are other ways of solving the problem, the child can solve the problem in different ways and in the ways he has developed. So let children think about the problem with open-ended questions. How else could we solve it? Open-ended questions like ”what would you do? Ir allow children to think freely.”

Agog Children cannot solve any problems if they memorize others' thoughts and solutions, Ped says Gümüş. Therefore, think first, let him look for solutions. Let him know that a problem is not only a solution, but develop his own method. Do not solve the problem instead. Teach him how to solve it. This will improve your intuitive and creative thinking. ”

Use Language!

Children need to be taught not only numbers but also words. Children use language to speak to each other and reinforce their learning.

Let Children Repeat New Topics!

Research has shown that a new word is learned by repeating 12 times a day for 30 days. Repeat what you have just taught with children. It will not be hard to learn when you pass a few times.

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