Pregnancy beautifies!

Pregnancy beautifies!

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When you are pregnant, not only does your skin look altered, but it is in your hands to preserve the beauty of your skin. Parallel to the hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy, certain changes are seen in the skin. While this change has positive effects in some pregnant women, it may affect the skin negatively in some pregnant women. Skin changes Everyone has a different pregnancy. In this period, the most common changes in the skin caused by hormonal change ortaya melasma pigment called pigmentation irregularities; redness, enlarged blood vessels and itching caused by stretching of the skin in the abdomen as the baby grows. In addition, spots and moles on the skin may become more pronounced during pregnancy.Melasma The best way to reduce the formation of melasma is to use products that contain sunscreen in summer and winter. It also helps daily and weekly vitamin C applications. If there are stains that have formed, more intensive after birth can be given weight treatment. During this period, the skin's self-renewal process can be accelerated especially by using peel-effective products.Skin oily and acne problems The skin may become oily or drier than normal during this period. As the needs of the skin change, the skin care needs to be changed accordingly. For oily skin, a clay-based mask, cleansers to regulate excess oil secretion and oil-free moisturizers can be used.cracks The crack problem in pregnant women has a high rate of between 50 and 90 percent. You need to strengthen your skin layers to avoid cracking problems and create a shield against damage. Criteria for product selectionYou should listen to your doctor's advice. Most products can be used safely when taken in accordance with the instructions. However, it is best to always follow your doctor's instructions during this time.

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