The Harm of Smoking and Cessation Methods in Pregnancy

The Harm of Smoking and Cessation Methods in Pregnancy

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Low birth weight childbirth, premature birth, premature removal of the placenta, sudden child death syndrome and poor performance in school age are just some of the damages of smoking… Acıbadem Hospital Bakırköy Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. Contact Rıza directly calls attention to expectant mothers to quit smoking, noting that smoking during pregnancy is contrary to fetus rights.

: What is the rate of smoking during pregnancy?
Professor Dr. Contact Rıza directly Every year 1 million 500 thousand babies in our country say hello to the world. However, research, although they want a healthy baby during pregnancy 5 percent with 20 percent It shows that they smoke in varying proportions. Cigaret The nicotine, carbon monoxide and cyanide of more than 3 thousand substances in the fetus, adversely affect the development of the womb. Therefore, smoking is now accepted as a violation of fetus rights all over the world.

: What are the harms of smoking? ?
Professor Dr. Contact Rıza directly Smoking during pregnancy has serious effects on both the mother and the health of the unborn baby. So definitely no smoking required. It has been reported to be associated with low birth weight childbearing, preterm delivery, premature removal of the placenta, sudden child death syndrome and poor performance in school age. When the number of cigarettes increases, the rate of negative consequences increases.

: How does smoking affect the fetus? ?
Professor Dr. Contact Rıza directly There are more than 3000 chemicals in the cigarette. Their effects on the fetus are not known. 3 of these chemicals; nicotine, carbon monoxide and cyanide. Nicotine is a strong vasoconstrictor and can be effective by reducing blood flow to the uterus. Carbon monoxide can damage cells, causing growth retardation, and reducing blood oxygen-carrying ability. Cyanide also has a direct toxic effect on cells.

: Are there conclusive scientific conclusions? ?
Professor Dr. Contact Rıza directly Especially with low birth weight smoking The relationship between the two is very clear. Epidemiological studies clearly reveal the relationship between smoking and low birth weight during pregnancy. This negative effect increases as the number of cigarettes used increases. In addition, as women who smoke and eat irregularly, this event may have a negative effect on the development of the fetus.

: What are the benefits of quitting smoking during pregnancy? ?
Professor Dr. Contact Rıza directly Children who quit smoking during pregnancy, especially those who quit before the 20th week of gestation, are born at approximately the same weight as non-smokers. Quitting smoking, especially before the 20th gestational week, has very important consequences for the newborn. Smoking cessation provides additional important benefits in the prevention of diseases such as heart disease, lung cancer and emphysema.

: Can you give information about the methods of quitting smoking? ?
Professor Dr. Contact Rıza directly There are many ways to help pregnant women who want to quit smoking for a healthy baby. Groups, psychotherapy sessions and written documents can be helpful. Especially Özellikle speech sessions en, which last for 5-15 minutes and are administered by experienced individuals, are very effective in smoking cessation. Thanks to these sessions, the rate of childbearing with low birth weight decreased by 20 percent and the rate of preterm birth decreased by 17 percent. In “Speech Sessions detaylı, detailed information is given about the negative effects of smoking on fetus, child and mother. Evidence-based information is provided on the benefits of smoking cessation. In the second stage, the pregnant smoking willingness to drop. It is tried to be assisted in this matter and the subject is followed up during pregnancy controls. ”

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