About Pelin Körmükçü and motherhood: Selin is full of life!

About Pelin Körmükçü and motherhood: Selin is full of life!

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Selin was born two and a half years ago. How did it go?
I can say it passed like water. You know, even if you don't understand that babies grow up too quickly, it really did. Looks like I gave birth yesterday, but look, two and a half years. It's full of life with Selin. I dedicate all my time to Selin except for the theater. I am full of motherhood and Selin's infancy.

Does anyone else take care of Selin?
Thanks to my mother, she's a big help. Apart from that, we have an assistant in our house, who loves Selin very much and helps us whenever he can.

How long after birth did you return to the theater?
I returned to my old weight three months after birth. So it's easier for me to pull myself together. My mother and our assistant at home also supported me a lot.

Mother daughter what are you doing?
We dance, play games, listen to music… Selin is especially interested in music. We have a special dance hour every day. I made her listen to all kinds of music when I was pregnant, I guess there was a habit coming from there. Now we have just started painting. I'm thinking of sending them to playgroups for a couple of hours a day after a month or two. Although we think we're good enough, everyone wants to be together with their age group. That's why I have this plan for the days ahead.

Has motherhood changed Pelin Körmükçü?
It added a lot to me… At first, my sense of responsibility and conscience of motherhood increased exponentially. Now, if a child falls down the street, I'm running to your aid, whining my pole. I used to love driving fast, and now I'm driving tin tin. Because I know there's a baby in need of me at home. That's why I'm starting to be more careful with life.

How did you lose the weight you gained during your pregnancy?
When I got pregnant, I weighed fifty kilos, and at birth with seventy-seven kilos! So during my pregnancy, I gained twenty pounds, half a world. I didn't do anything special to lose weight after birth. I've never had anything like going to gyms or going to dietitians. My home before that was duplex, as I climbed up and down the stairs, I felt like I was practicing sports. I have a fast-burning structure as a structure, I have never made a regime in my life, I just paid attention to what I eat occasionally. Five months after I was born, I weighed 50 pounds.

How did you find out that you were pregnant?
I went to one of my regular checks, and there was a delay of two days in my period. But I had no signs of pregnancy. I was shocked when my doctor told me var Pelin! Because I didn't even have a “wonder” that I could be pregnant. Selin was the best surprise of my life.

How was your pregnancy?
My pregnancy didn't affect my normal life. It was like I was carrying a belly that didn't belong to me, that's all. Since I loved the music and fun environments, I continued to live the same way when I was pregnant. Almost tired, Mrs. Selin was joining us early! The post was more normal.

Did you choose to give birth as an epidural cesarean section?
Yeah, that was my choice. Now if I get pregnant again, I'll do an epidural caesarean section. I respect everyone's opinion, but after seeing what happened with my friends and family around normal birth, my final decision was to make an epidural caesarean section.

Was your wife with you at birth?
I'm cooler than Rafi. I was very surprised that Rafi wanted to go into labor. It was very exciting, of course, Rafi was constantly saying, “Pelin came out, Pelin is coming, I saw his hands Pelin”.

How did you feel when they gave it to you?
At that moment, it cannot be described… I can only say it was the most beautiful moment in the world.

You wanted to have a daughter?
I used to want to have a son, but whatever happened, the moment I found out I was pregnant, I hope I had a daughter. Because I look at my relationship with my own mother, I know what my mother thinks of me, so I know how beautiful and special the relationship between a mother and daughter is. Rafi has wanted to have a daughter since time immemorial. Of course, the important thing is to have a smooth foot and a healthy birth. Everything else is empty.

How did the first days go?
No, I had no difficulty. I didn't attend birth preparation or anything. Although I was a little nervous at first, then somehow I pretended to be a very experienced mother. However, I had a chance that Selin was a baby who was able to explain her problems, problems and desires very comfortably since the day she was born.

How long did you breastfeed?
I breastfed for four months, no more or less dim I would like to breastfeed more, but my milk was cut. I say thank God.

How is it with his father?
As Selin grows, the communication between them increases. He makes tricks, plays games for his father… But he is still a mother-focused age. My doctor used to say that the baby was like a mother's pad until he was three and a half, really.

Do you think of another child?
I do not think right now. Because in today's economic conditions, we need to think very well to make the second child. Every child should be given adequate education and care. That's why I'm saying one is enough for now, but I don't know if it's a surprise again. I'il probably have it again.

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