Danger of blindness in premature baby

Danger of blindness in premature baby

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World Eye Group the doctor Kiss. Dr. Umur Kayhan, “The disease called” premature retinopathy en, which can be seen in babies born more than 1000 grams, must be caught early, uyar he warns.

The most feared condition in premature babies; A condition called premature retinopathy. The veins in the babies' eyes develop until they are born. Since this development is not completed in premature babies, it continues after birth. Kiss. Dr. Umur Kayhan, oksijen Oxygen given at high concentrations to keep premature babies alive causes abnormal development of vessels in the eye. As a result, premature retinopathy, called ROP, occurs in the retinas of infants with incomplete vascularization. If not treated early, it will cause blindness in both eyes. ” There is an increase in the number of infants caught. Therapy treatments can be carried out only in two hospitals in Turkey. One of these centers is in the World Eye Group.

If less than 1000 grams Attention!

The most common group of premature retinopathy is those born under 1,000 grams. Therefore, under 1500 grams and all babies born before the 32nd week must be ROP examination must be done Op. Dr. Umur Kayhan emphasizes that early diagnosis and treatment of ROP is possible with the collaboration of ophthalmologists and pediatricians specializing in newborn babies. Kayhan also, infants of lung, cardiovascular disease, severe infections and problems that may occur in the brain increases the risk of retinopathy, he noted.

The first month is very important

Kayhan stated that eye examination should be done between 4-6 weeks after birth. Because the disease gives the best result in the third stage. In the fourth and fifth stages of the surgical intervention is not successful results. Dr. Kayhan, all newborn babies within the first month of the eye examination is not only ROP, many eye diseases in order to ensure the timely diagnosis and successful treatment is important, he added.

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