Holiday suggestions with baby

Holiday suggestions with baby

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One of the biggest problems of couples who have a new baby is the holiday program. Yeditepe University Hospital Department of Pediatrics, Department of Pediatric Allergy, Head of Department of Pediatric Allergy. Dr. Reha Cengizlier gives guidance.

Mothers and fathers can easily make a holiday program with their babies. Dr. Reha Cengizlier underlines that there is no age limit for infants.
Babies, parents who restrict the life of the holiday and normal daily life is not the individuals who prevented Dr. Cengizlier said, “On the contrary, they are living things that add happiness and joy to life and increase the joy of life. Parents do not have to restrict themselves because of the baby. Enough, in their way of life taking into account some of the babies to make some small arrangements, ”he says.

Babies and young children, under the name of the holidays are not accustomed, they do not like to go to the environment can not be comfortable about Dr. Cengizlier said, “For example, instead of staying in the warmest of the world's most beautiful beach, even in the most luxurious hotel, they can be happier in their one-room house with only a small window. Therefore, there is no need to plan a holiday place that the baby will love. Parents should look at whether they can provide the conditions for their babies while they plan their own holiday. Whether it's a holiday or a job, it's enough to give love and time to their babies. Üç It is ideal for three years or so after the period when they like to communicate with other children and socialize, where they can run and play safely with their peers, if possible. ”

Attention to fluid loss

Professor Dr. Reha Cengizlier explains the rules of nutrition and health that should not be forgotten during the holidays:
“Babies and children are more prone to water loss. Especially in hot and humid environments such as the sea, fluid loss is more. Even without exposing the baby to the sun, it may lose water with reflected rays. They should be provided with plenty of fluids in these environments. Babies who breastfeed should be breastfed more frequently and drink water. Children who can eat or eat food should also be frequently given fluids containing minerals such as water, juice and buttermilk.

A child's fever rises if it is called sunstroke and can cause excessive fluid loss. When you see high fever, you should not start and wait for antibiotics immediately, you should be taken to a doctor. Not every fever is an infection, giving antibiotics and waiting can harm instead of benefit. ”

In the summer, because the sun's rays come up more steeply, burns and sunstroke can be easily and quickly. Cengizlier said, “For this reason, sun protection cream or liquids should be applied periodically to children not only at the beach but also when playing outdoors. Children should rest at noon when the sun is burning, and they should only be allowed to play outdoors in the morning or in the evening. ”

Foods should be meticulous

Foods, which can be deteriorated much more quickly in the heat, considering the cleanliness, freshness and well-preserved food given to children should be paid attention. Cengizlier explains the subject as follows:
“For example, it is very dangerous that even sealed packaged ice creams that are completely sterile are thawed and frozen. These risks that may occur as a result of power cuts from time to time in holiday regions should be taken into consideration. Food and beverages sold outdoors should not be provided. Especially in hotels, buffet meals at random, the child's own choice, which will not meet the food needs, even harmful foods should not be allowed to take; controlled freedom should be given. In addition, diarrhea and other infectious diseases that may develop in hot environments should be paid attention to the rules of cleaning, disease symptoms, especially diarrhea, without waiting for self-healing should be applied to the health institution immediately. Since it may be abdominal pain and diarrhea due to swallowing pool water, it should not be allowed to go into the deep waters alone; especially young children should not be left alone, even in a baby pool. A child can easily drown by falling and falling in a pool of water to the knee. Children should not be left uncontrolled in vineyards and horticultural areas, it should be remembered that they can eat poisonous weeds or plants and can be stung by snakes, insects and similar animals. ”

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